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Welcome To My Blog!

This is my Music Video blog where I have posted all my coursework and my journey throughout A2. 

This year for my A2 Media Studies I have worked on creating a promo package which includes a music video, website and a digipak. I have learnt new things about the media industry and I can analyze a wide variety of music videos using Andrew Goodwin, Baudrillard and Stuart Hall and many other theoretical conventions. I have created a visually interesting and professional music video which has been a challenging process especially as I worked solo for this project. I acquired several new skills including how to make my own website and I made a digipak using Photoshop to its fullest potential. I feel I have improved a lot from AS to A2 media, and this has enabled me to describe my journey through the development, research and planning of my A2 coursework. I have shown the transition of all three products on this blog and the final outcomes that I have formed. 

Last year, my experience of making a film opening for AS media was a very intriguing time as I learnt many things about how different conventions work in films. From doing AS media I used several skills that improved over the year. I was able to improve my camera skills and achieve interesting panning shots. I also improved on my team work and learnt that communication is key in group work. Here is a link to my Film Opening which I hope will show the progress I have made since then. 

Thank you and I hope you enjoy viewing my work.  

Final Cut

This is my finalised version of my Music Video. I have added in any relevant effects from Final Cut Pro and I have changed slight parts of the music video to match up with the music properly and I have added in a 'sepia' filter over the narrative and added more composition for the male DJ. 

Audience Feedback 
- Singer looks convincing to the audience - lip syncing is done well 
- Effects are interesting and different throughout 
- Green screen really helps the music video to look like an EDM genre video 
- Narrative could've been filmed better - camera shaky - locations aren't that visually appealing 

My Comments 
- I agree with the narrative part - I could've filmed some better footage of the couple although I think the locations worked well 
- I also agree that the green screen really helped to improve my music video and give an EDM vibe to the audience 
- I think I could've made the clapping part match up more to the music 
- Some of the DJ's play at certain parts where the music is not as instrumental. 

FINAL Digipak

I've added on a 'exclusive tracks' sticker on the front of my digipak cover and than put the last 3 songs as exclusive since the artists' have not made any newer music than what I have already put in the track listing. 

Final Website

For my website, I decided to change a lot of the colour schemes as the yellow and black I thought did not reflect my music video. I changed the backgrounds of each page to a photo of the singer in the layered effect. I also changed the font colour to a lighter blue. 


For the next page I had the background a different photo and I think it works better than the graffiti wall that I had before. 

The black and the blue are much more of a EDM type colour than the yelllow and black which was too 'in your face'. This also gives the website a more modern feel and many EDM digipak's or websites have brighter and more pastel type colours. 

I might change the layout of this page because I want it to stand out. 

For this page I really like the photos being all together but I might also put on a filter over the photos to make them look less dark. 

I also added the Instagram feed to the photo's part so that the audience can follow the singer's Instagram and also to see photos that are behind the scenes only shown on the Instagram. 

For this page I will be changing the font to the blue one that I chose instead of the yellow. 

EDM Websites Examples 

Here's an example of Zedd - DJ's website

Zedd's website is quite plain but the colours are white and a bright green colour. He has not attempted to make his website very appealing to an audience but it has the information needed. 

For Calvin Harris, his website seems to have a theme of black and white but with greens and blues as well. I lie that his background image is slightly grainy which gives it an interesting effect. 

This is also a very plain and minimalist website as the colours are white and red and there isn't anything that pops out to the audience. 

This is a minimalist layout and at the top there are only social media links and no other tabs to click on. 

Whereas this website is much more interactive and has all the top links at the bottom with the social media on the side. As for the colours, they are bright and look like neon lights.

Evaluation Q1a. Conventions

"In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?"

In this VODCAST I have talked about the genre conventions that the EDM genre use in their music videos. I talk about the performance within my music and a dance routine which many fans will be able to copy. I also talk about the DJ's and how they used real instruments to create verisimilitude to my audience. I mention the costumes of my singer and the DJ's who wear quite trendy clothing. Another part of the EDM genre is the editing which I used a lot of for my singer to emphasize certain parts of emotions that the singer is going through. I added a couple for the narrative as that gives the video an interesting story and attracts further young audiences to watch. Lastly I talk about how I added a social media element to attract audiences and to also get people to follow my singer on his social media accounts. 

As for the website and the digipak that I made, they are conventional to the genre of EDM as they colours for the website are similar to those of the music video. The digipak has the an image from the music video which I used for the front panel of my album and than the other panels are from different parts of the music video where I used layering on greenscreen. For further information click on this [Link] to read my post on my digipak. 

I have also made a VODCAST on EDM digipak examples before and also shown how I used photoshop to edit and create my own digipak. Here is my VODCAST that I made on EDM digipak conventions which I changed using different artists and examples. 

In this Prezi I have gone over the intertextuality and inspiration used when creating my music video. On the first slide I have written about my music video idea and how I have used Andrew Goodwin's theory on genre characteristics, and that some EDM videos have a performance and a narrative. On the second slide I have written about my inspiration which I took from many EDM music videos from compilation of artists. In the third slide I have written about how the original music video for the song I chose inspired me for the performance part of my own music video. In the next slide number 4, I have written about music videos that I was inspired by for my performance and certain parts of a Justin Bieber video with interesting camera angles and dancing. In the 5th slide I have written about the choreography which I made up using several dance tutorials on YouTube and one specific dancer on YouTube called Matt Stefanina. The next slide number 6 I have written about Justin Bieber's live performance aiding me in more dance routine ideas for my singer. 

In slide 7, I wrote about the narrative part of my music video and how I had decided to use a couple as the main story. The inspiration was Charlie Puth's music video with singer Selena Gomez. In slide 8 I have written about the DJ's and the Jacku music video which inspired me for a convincing performance. In the 9th slide I wrote about how I have used Todorov's narrative theory in which he believes in a structure of a narrative. Another theorist that relates to my inspiration is Baudrillard who coined the term 'simulacra' believes that within a text is a representation of a representation and that it is harder for any video to become original as everything seems to be taken from a variety of different videos, films and books. This heavily relates to my music video as I have used inspiration from a combination of music videos and dance tutorials.


How does your product represent social groups or issues?
Interview style 
- Age 
- Gender 
- Sexuality 
- Ethnicity 
- Binary Opposites 

Interviewer: Hello everyone! So in today’s show we are going to be chatting to a music video director Riona Drangsfeldt and her main star ‘Justin Bieber’! Welcome!

Interviewer: So what inspired you when creating your music video?

Director:  I did a lot of research on a variety of different music videos and artists. I used the codes and conventions of music videos by Andrew Goodwin so that my music video would create verisimilitude when viewed by an audience.  
Together, Justin and I looked into several DJs that he wanted to collaborate with and we agreed on JackU, which we both thought would be able to create music that would convey the message he wanted to get across to his fans.

Interviewer: And from your music video I see that the main performers are a combination of males and females. So who is the audience you are aiming this video at?

Director: my target audience are 14 to 22 years old females and males and then my secondary audience is 14 to 11 years old.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, I wanted to aim this mainly at my fan base which are mostly teen girls and for JackU they wanted to aim it at older teenagers so together we all decided these were the best age groups.

Interviewer: Ah! Very nice, another thing which I found to be interesting was that the DJ’s and you Justin, seem older, do you think that creates an issue for the younger audiences?

Director: The age I chose for my performer was in his 20's as I thought that if the singer is older it will attract an older audience of teenagers and young adults to watch the music video. As well as his much younger audience. The male DJ that I chose was around 20 years old an adult. I decided to have my DJ young as many of the recent EDM artists are young males. A few examples of young DJ's are Martin Garrix who is a Dutch DJ, who came out with a tune called 'Animals' that became rapidly trendy in 2013. He was only 17 years old but using the same idea of the DJ's being young and therefore creating a role model figure for teenagers to aspire to become. 

Interviewer: And Justin Bieber, being a young male did you feel that the audience, mostly females would watch you’re new music video especially since you took a few months off? You don’t think they would’ve forgotten about you?

Justin Bieber:  male artists seem to still dominate the genres of music like EDM, Rock, Rap and Hip Hop. And Riona and I looked at the theorist Laura Mulvey who believes that the male gaze is an important part of films and music videos. As the main protagonist is a male singer, the female gaze would apply as females would maybe find the performer to be attractive and also since my fan base has become bigger I know a lot of them would watch my new music video and they’ve been really supportive in my decision to become a respected artist.

Interviewer: Well I know I was very excited to see you’re music video and many of the fans here at the studio are very overwhelmed to see you. In this music video you seem to show more of a softer side, why did you decide to show more emotion?

Justin Bieber: I was going through some rough patches in my life and I wanted to convey to my fans that although I have been in the spotlight for a long time I’m still just an ordinary person who goes through the same things that some of these young teens will/will have been going through.

Interviewer: And Riona any reason why you chose to signify this softer side and how you chose it?

Director: For the gender, being a non-Caucasian male would be stereotyped as performing in a more hip-hop to rap style. But with EDM music there is no specific person that can't fit in to the EDM vibe. Another stereotype of a non-Caucasian male is that they would be aggressive and very expressive in their views of society whereas my performer was very expressive in his singing and conveyed many emotions throughout the video. Thus showing a softer side to himself and a more exposed self to the world. A theorist that relates to this is 'Levi Strauss's 'Binary Opposition' in which the male vs female would come into the fact that I decided to choose a male solo artist rather than a female solo artist. And as a female director, I had to consider a few choices in how I could represent my main protagonist. I wanted to make sure it was unconventional to an audience.

Interviewer: That’s very interesting! And so with the DJs how did that work out? Since in the music video you Justin are always filmed alone and not together with the DJs? Why is that?

Justin Bieber: Yeah umm the DJ’s were both on some solo tours so that we decided it was going to be easier to try and film everything separately. Although Diplo and I were at the same green screen studio for some shoots we otherwise filmed  everything separately.

Interviewer: Did you Riona, have any concerns about how the DJ’s would be represented? Especially as we don’t usually see females in the EDM genre.

Director: Well no I had for the gender of my DJ's  decided to have both a male and female DJ. I wanted to use a duo with a female DJ to express the idea to my audience that there are female DJ's and that being a DJ does not have to be something that men are only good at. Using Levi-Strauss's binary oppositions, the male vs female would come in but as working together not as opposites.

Interviewer: and how do you think your music video will relate to your audience?

Director: Using the uses and gratifications theory, I can deduce that my audience would be able to relate to the couples situation as they are young and also the singer is going through a break up which I’m sure many teens will have gone through a similar situation in their lifetime. 

Evaluation Q2. BRANDING

How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of branding?

Target Audience: 14 years old to 22 years old, both females and males 
Secondary Audience: 11 years old to 14 years old  

In this prezi presentation are several examples of branding by EDM artists and I have put several different pictures of each brand of the artists and their websites, videos, digipaks and more. I have also added some further information on my own brand. 

In this prezi I have written about several examples of branding from a few EDM artists and then I have written about how my own branding was created using greenscreen editing and layering.