Sunday, 19 June 2016

MVidEG4 Sia - Chandelier

Sia Furler, reffered to mononymously as Sia, is an Australian singer and songwriter. [Wiki]

ACT: Sia 
TRACK: Chandelier 
GENRE: Electropop
DIRECTOR: Sia and Daniel Askill
YEAR: 2014

        She is a very popular singer and songwriter and has written many songs for big singers like Rihanna. 


Mise-en-scene + Locations 
- Location seems to be in a house/apartment with the walls bare.
- The first room is what looks like the living room with a couch of a yellowing colour and a coffee table with papers on it. This conveys that this house is old and no longer in use. 
- There is another room shown of a mattress on the ground and a type of grey couch. The colour scheme is in the tones of grey and beige. 
- The walls in the room have drawings and a picture of a person and also a framed picture to suggest that someone once lived in there but not anymore. 
- Lots of the walls look like they are decaying and that signifies that the house is empty and abandoned.  
- Young girl is in a beige/nude coloured dancers leotard which makes her look slightly objectified as her legs and arms are exposed and she is wearing a tight outfit. 
- Young girl is very young at least between the ages 11 to 14 this may suggest that she is representing the singer but a younger version. 
- Girl sits down on the couch and does some hand movements that slightly go in sync with the lyrics being sung but in a very not literal way. 
- Young girl starts to do more extreme dance movements that look exaggerated
- The girl dances around the room which could suggest she is trapped and has to live in the decaying house. 
- The girl goes into another room which looks like the kitchen which has lots of moldy spots and there are papers in the sink and the fridge is covered in papers that are wrinkled and old looking. 
- The windows in the kitchen have black mold on them to further signify the fact that the house is abandoned. 
- The girl is dancing in the living room which was the first shot that the music video started with. 
- There are drawings that look like they were done by a child which could signify that the young girl has never been out of that house. 
- Ends with the girl in the hallway. 

Editing + Cinematography + Sound 
- Camera zooms into the hallway of the house. 
- Cuts to another room which looks like a bedroom with a wide shot
- Non- diegetic sound of a buzzing sound than the song starts. 
- Cuts to the doorway with a long shot of a young girl. 
- Camera zooms in on the girl and then cuts to a shot of her feet from a low angle shot
- Camera is handheld as it moves in a titling way to show the girl dancing and moving towards the couch. 
- The girls hand movements go with the beat of the song. 
- Handheld camera is used to show the movements of the dancer and to make the audience feel as if they are in the room watching her dance. 
- Lots of panning and tracking shots of the girl dancing. 
- Shots of the girl dancing are mostly long shots or mid shots
- Camera tracks the girl into another room. 
- Mid close up shot of the girl sitting at the table dancing. 
- Not many cuts and longer shots of the girl dancing. 
- Cuts to the girl going into another room. The editing is very subtle and not fast paced either. 
- Wide shot of the living room and showing the kitchen in the background as well. 
- Camera starts to zoom in and out as the girl is dancing. 
- Wide shot of the girl dancing again in the corridor and then the camera zooms in with a tilt effect. 
- Then it zooms out again to show the girl starting to move to a different room. 
- Song ends with the girl standing in the hallway looking into the camera. - Direct address to the audience
- Camera goes into soft focus until the girl is blurry and then cuts to black screen
- Non-diegetic sound of the buzz comes in but very subtly. 

Performance + Star Treatment
- This music video is Concept based and there could be a narrative but it is hard to tell what is happening.
- The singer herself does not appear in her music video as she prefers to be anonymous. 
- The performance is not a literal piece but an abstract dance which signifies that what is being sung is a message which is important for the singer. 
- The performance is being performed by Maddie Ziegler from the American TV Show 'Dance Moms' which is quite popular with today's generation. 
- The dancer is wearing a blond wig that represents the singer who has blond hair. 
- The dancer features in another music video by Sia called 'Elastic Heart' with Shia LaBeouf.
- There was some controversy over the young dancer and Shia LaBeouf dancing together because of the age difference and the outfits. 
- An Article from ELLE Magazine interviews Maddie Ziegler. 
- A YouTube video from Entertainment Tonight. 

Target Audience 
- The target audience would be from the young ages of 10 to 28 or older. 
- Both female and a male audience would be interested in Sia, but it seems to be mostly targeted at a female audience with the dancing. 
- This song was performed on The Ellen Show with the same dancer. 

- This video got 37 million views of YouTube. 
- There has also been a parody made that has 15 million views which goes to show that the song was a great hit and many people from teenagers to adults liked the song and the dancing. 

- Performance 
- Narrative is shown through the dancing 
- Location/setting is visually interesting
- The music video is unique and not stereotypical of pop genre music videos. 
- Singer does not feature in the music video which is unusual. 

Friday, 17 June 2016

MVidEG3 Black Veil Brides - In The End

Black Veil Brides are an American rock band based in Hollywood, California. The group formed in 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio and is currently composed of Andy Biersack, Ashley Purdy, Jake Pitts, Jinxx and Christian "CC" Coma. [Wiki]

TRACK: In The End
DIRECTOR: Patrick Fogarty
YEAR: 2012

Has a lot of views which shows that they are quite popular in their genre of rock.

Mise-en-scene + Location
- The music video starts off with a low angle shot of people walking in black clothing and carrying flags with the bands logo or symbol.
- Use of a lens flare to signify the sun is bright.
- Location seems to be in a wide plane of land with nothing around it.
- Lead singer is wearing leather and has a cross earring which represents the rock vibe being more gothic.
- Narrative is being shown through shots of the band performing as well.
- Lots of flashes of lights when the band is playing to convey the sense of the rock genre.
- Lead singer and the rest of the band seem to take part in the narrative.
- Lots of high angle shots of the band playing in different locations with different lighting.
- Flashes of light on a girl character from the narrative, surrounded with people in masks and cloaks.
- Narrative is being told is quite clear but ends with a climax in which the audience can predict what would happen.(preferred reading?).
- Narrative seems to be non-linear and an open narrative at the ending so that the audience have to guess what happens to the character.
- Male gaze - a girl is the center of the narrative? she is wearing shorts but covered in black paint.
- Full drum kit, electric guitars 3, mic stands are all used.

Editing + Cinematography
- The music video starts off with a low angle shot.
- Shot of  the band playing in the middle of the vast land with full drum kit and guitars but no microphone.  
- Cuts between shots to show the fast pace of the song.
Crane shot of a girl with a mask covering her face.
- Cuts are quite fast throughout the video.
- Lots of close ups and mid shots of the guitars and the drums
- Symbol is shown in flashes with the editing cutting between the band.
- Longer shots have less cuts.
- Camera is at an angle for some of the shots of the drummer.
- Shots of the instruments being played.
- Some low angle shots of the lead singer to connote power

Star Treatment
 - Star Treatment - lead singer is given a lot of single but also shots with the band.
- Lead singer is looking into the camera for the most of the video. - Direct address to the audience.
- Lead singer is part of the narrative which shows that he is performing.
- Lead singer is lip syncing but without a microphone in front of him.  

- Lots of religious imagery.
- The lead singer has a name on the back of his leather jacket which says 'Prophet' which in religion it means someone who has claimed to be contacted by the supernatural or the divine, and to speak for them, serving as an intermediary with humanity, delivering this newfound knowledge from the supernatural entity to other people.
- The other band members also have names on their back but it is not very visible with the types of shots shown. They each have a name that has something to do with their character personalities or something about them.
- The Destroyer (a person or thing that destroys something).
-  Mystic (a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.)

- The Mourner ( a person who attends a funeral as a relative or friend of the dead person).

- Deviant (departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior).

 - Lots of crosses are shown in the video.
- Lead singer does the sign of the cross.
- People dressed in masks and all black clothing resemble the devil.
- Symbols are shown like the one below which is symbolic to the band but maybe the audience won't understand the symbol.

Visuals + Lyrics
- Some of the words go with what is happening.
- "As my soul's laid to rest, what is left of my body? Or am I just a shell?" - the lead singer carries the young girl and lays her on the ground. 
- " I have commandeered an army" - The band logo is being painted on a flag. 
-  " Born a saint, but with every sin I still wanna be holy" - The lead singer does the sign of the cross which suggests Christianity.
Genre Characteristics
 - Band members are wearing leather which is quite iconic in a rock band.
- Using instruments in their video.
- Lots of shots with the band in different locations.
- Many uses of cuts between band and narrative.

Target Audience
 - Target audience would be between the ages of 16 to 25 years old.
- The fan base for Black Veil Brides has become younger and the older audience have become disinterested.
- The rock genre has quite a wide audience as many teenagers and young adults like to listen to rock music.

- Narrative vs. performance
- Costume
- Lighting
- Colour scheme
- Props
- This music video follows the conventions of the rock genre.
- Lots of shots of the band playing is conventional to the rock genre.
- There is a darkness to the narrative
- There is some performance between the band and the characters in the narrative.
- Black Veil Brides have changed a lot since they came out, wearing less makeup but still trying to be theatrical with their performances.

MVidEG2 Bring Me The Horizon - True Friends

Bring Me the Horizon are a British rock band from Sheffield, Yorkshire. Formed in 2004, the group currently consists of vocalist Oliver Sykes, guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt Kean, drummer Matt Nicholls, and keyboardist Jordan Fish. [Wiki]
TRACK: True Friends
YEAR: 2015
DIRECTOR: Oliver Sykes
GENRE: Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock
MAIN AUDIENCE: 15 - 25 both females and males.

Has 4 million views - quite popular

Mise-en-scene + Location
- Starts off with diegetic intro with a close up of a girls face in a bath suggests she is thinking of death. As this shot usually makes the audience think of someone thinking of drowning.
- Central protagonist - as she is the first person we see.
- Rule of Thirds as she is in the center, also she is in focus.
- Filter is used 'Sepia' to signify a flashback.
- Represents the audience through the girl who is a young, not blond, not exactly ugly.
- Male gaze for the male audience.
- Location is in an abandoned, run down, decayed building or warehouse.
- Typical for a band of rock or metal but not for a band like 'Take That' as the genre would not fit.
- The house seems to be run down which suggests that the man living in the house is poor- Bits are revealed and most things are in selective focus.
- Spray paint to add that rock look.
- Performance and narrative is good then choosing one over the other as that makes it uninteresting.
- Intertextuality of 'True Crimes' - American TV show - hanging bits of things from the garage roof.
Intertextuality of their own song used in the narrative.
- Representation of the female coming out as the top.
- Bit of girl power at the end.

 Editing + Sound + Cinematography
- Cables of the microphone adds a strong sense of realism.
- Full drum kit, electric guitars - making it more realistic.
- Filters create a sense of a different time. .
- Title of song comes up with a black background and white font.
- Full blast of the audio comes up.
- Drop in the audio to foreshadow something will happen.
- Editing speeds up with a more extreme camera movement.
- Dutch angle to create that extreme fast paced movement.
- Panning across photographs to help establish the narrative.
- Man in the narrative was a cop who seemed to have gone down hill from a tough case.
- Special effects - camera becomes shaky like a earthquake effect to emphasize the audio.
- Track changes and so does the editing. - pace has gone down.
- Letterboxing - an effect where black is added around the shot.  - Intertextuality of Scandi drama looking.
- Borrows the language of cinema to the music video.
- diegetic sound of strings sounds quite dark.
- Filter 'sepia' which gives it a retro feeling.
- Narrative has become the main part with longer takes.
- Narrative is strongly anchored.
- Voices are muffled and there are added subtitles to what the characters are saying.
- Audio starts to build up.
- Common convention - most shots are of the lead singer.
- If there is more space it is easier to get more shot variation than in a garage or a room.
- Narrative - some clumsy scripting but the mise-en-scene makes up for it.
- Polaroid camera is good for photographs to help create the narrative.
- U2 'Vertigo' - links in with the special effects of the earthquake movement.
- The girl is a classic victim.
- Not using very good performance footage.
- Cutaway shots
- Some profanity is involved. Which means that it might be viewed for an audience of maturity, also the shot of a horses decapitated head would make it a rating of 16 or higher.
- Lighting is low and there is bright light coming in from the windows.
- Ends with the girl killing the man.
 Star Treatment
- Lots of shots of the lead singer.
- Several close ups of his face and hands showing he has tattoos which convey that the singer is very expressive and also edgy.
- Several earthquake movements make the singer seem extreme.

 Target Audience
- Target audience is teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 to 27 maybe even older.
- Mostly males and some females.
- Female gaze - the singer is young and attracts the female audience.
- This is a YouTube video that the well known Youtubers the 'Fine Bros' made of an older audience reacting to Bring Me The Horizon. Many of the reactions were mostly negative but some of the older audiences liked the music but not the videos.

- Performance + Narrative are both done in this video
- Narrative is quite like a scandi crime drama
- Lead singer is the more important one.
- Lots of low lighting and dark locations.
- Band are performing which creates verisimilitude.

Monday, 13 June 2016

MVidEG1 Pixies - Bagboy


The Pixies are an American alternative rock band formed in 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts. The group disbanded in 1993 in acrimonious circumstances, but reunited in 2004. [Wiki]

ACT: The Pixies
GENRE: Alternative Rock/ Indie Rock
TRACK: Bagboy
YEAR: 2013

Mise-en-scene + Locations
- Starts off with the name of the band on a boy's forehead which is quite creative.
- Shows the title of the song in cut out cardboard.
- Some voice over comes in with a muffled effect to give that old vintage radio feeling.
- Lots of shots of streets and the boy on a bike riding around which suggests he is free and feels liberated from his house. (Tracking shots).
- Use of bright lighting which gives the video a more pleasant feeling to the video.
- Boy starts breaking plates which is not in sync with the drums in the background but connotes aggression or anger.
- Something teenagers can relate to as they are growing up with lots of things to deal with and the audience can identify with his anger and the rebellious attitude.
- Steals his parents credit card to connote his rebellious side and that is something nearly every teenager can relate to as they all do something rebellious at some point in their teen life.
- Boy sits in a bath of milk with added cereal which suggests a childlike behavior and something that teenagers can relate or identify with as they still want to behave like kids at times. It also shows something fun and daring to the audience.
- As the rhythm gets faster there are more shots with cuts between.
This part of the video shows something that lots of people think would be fun and there have been many YouTube videos of people sitting in a bath of cereal.
Some videos have other 'Bath Challenges'

- Boy walks into the hallway with lots of balloons and the boy sits surrounded by balloons which again signifies a very childlike behavior which conveys that he misses his childhood or he is re-creating a fun childhood memory or a childhood he wished he had. Also something that teenagers or even adults can relate or identify with.
- Then bubbles surround another room - also something children love to do is blow bubbles.
- As the music gets louder the boy in the narrative starts to destroy the house which connotes that he as a child is throwing a tantrum or he is angry.
- Visual effect of coloured powder coming out of different house objects. (Low angle shot).
- Boy walks around with coloured powder around the house which suggests a carefree attitude.
- The colors of the cereal are appealing as they are bright and colorful and also fun.
- The bright colours of the balloons  also convey a sense of fun and is usually used for birthdays and special events or occasions.

- Lots of handheld footage and following around the boy - tracking shots to show who the central protagonist is.

- Handheld camera is slightly shaky to give a more indie rock feeling.
- Handheld footage shows that there is a low budget on this music video.
- Some pop stars use handheld cameras to convey a sense of realism.
Central Protagonist - Target Audience
- The character in the video is a teenage boy which appeals to a targeted younger audience.
- Their brand is not glamorous which is why they chose a teenage boy who looks nerdy and has spots and would probably be of low class or middle class. 
- The teenage boy would be considered a stereotypical 'outsider' character with no friends or just one.
- The teenage boy is the central protagonist as the camera follows him only.
- The teenage boy is seen as trying to have fun and behaves in a childlike manner which can be relatable to the targeted audience.
- The targeted audience used to be older people between 25 to 50 but they have now also targeted a younger audience which helps them to get an even bigger fan base.
(This is the views it got on YouTube which is pretty good for an Indie Rock group)


- This music video goes against the conventions of a music video because it is not featuring the band in any shots.
- The music video is a narrative only which means that it tells a story but there is no performance or lip-syncing or any band performance. Which is unusual in a music video.
- In some music videos for a rock/indie group they film a live stage performance and use that footage to create a music video.
- The rhythm and the beat is not in sync with what the boy is doing which is another reason why this is not a representation of a typical music video.
- Most music videos have some part in it that syncs up with the action or performance of the band or pop singer.