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MVidEG1 Pixies - Bagboy


The Pixies are an American alternative rock band formed in 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts. The group disbanded in 1993 in acrimonious circumstances, but reunited in 2004. [Wiki]

ACT: The Pixies
GENRE: Alternative Rock/ Indie Rock
TRACK: Bagboy
YEAR: 2013

Mise-en-scene + Locations
- Starts off with the name of the band on a boy's forehead which is quite creative.
- Shows the title of the song in cut out cardboard.
- Some voice over comes in with a muffled effect to give that old vintage radio feeling.
- Lots of shots of streets and the boy on a bike riding around which suggests he is free and feels liberated from his house. (Tracking shots).
- Use of bright lighting which gives the video a more pleasant feeling to the video.
- Boy starts breaking plates which is not in sync with the drums in the background but connotes aggression or anger.
- Something teenagers can relate to as they are growing up with lots of things to deal with and the audience can identify with his anger and the rebellious attitude.
- Steals his parents credit card to connote his rebellious side and that is something nearly every teenager can relate to as they all do something rebellious at some point in their teen life.
- Boy sits in a bath of milk with added cereal which suggests a childlike behavior and something that teenagers can relate or identify with as they still want to behave like kids at times. It also shows something fun and daring to the audience.
- As the rhythm gets faster there are more shots with cuts between.
This part of the video shows something that lots of people think would be fun and there have been many YouTube videos of people sitting in a bath of cereal.
Some videos have other 'Bath Challenges'

- Boy walks into the hallway with lots of balloons and the boy sits surrounded by balloons which again signifies a very childlike behavior which conveys that he misses his childhood or he is re-creating a fun childhood memory or a childhood he wished he had. Also something that teenagers or even adults can relate or identify with.
- Then bubbles surround another room - also something children love to do is blow bubbles.
- As the music gets louder the boy in the narrative starts to destroy the house which connotes that he as a child is throwing a tantrum or he is angry.
- Visual effect of coloured powder coming out of different house objects. (Low angle shot).
- Boy walks around with coloured powder around the house which suggests a carefree attitude.
- The colors of the cereal are appealing as they are bright and colorful and also fun.
- The bright colours of the balloons  also convey a sense of fun and is usually used for birthdays and special events or occasions.

- Lots of handheld footage and following around the boy - tracking shots to show who the central protagonist is.

- Handheld camera is slightly shaky to give a more indie rock feeling.
- Handheld footage shows that there is a low budget on this music video.
- Some pop stars use handheld cameras to convey a sense of realism.
Central Protagonist - Target Audience
- The character in the video is a teenage boy which appeals to a targeted younger audience.
- Their brand is not glamorous which is why they chose a teenage boy who looks nerdy and has spots and would probably be of low class or middle class. 
- The teenage boy would be considered a stereotypical 'outsider' character with no friends or just one.
- The teenage boy is the central protagonist as the camera follows him only.
- The teenage boy is seen as trying to have fun and behaves in a childlike manner which can be relatable to the targeted audience.
- The targeted audience used to be older people between 25 to 50 but they have now also targeted a younger audience which helps them to get an even bigger fan base.
(This is the views it got on YouTube which is pretty good for an Indie Rock group)


- This music video goes against the conventions of a music video because it is not featuring the band in any shots.
- The music video is a narrative only which means that it tells a story but there is no performance or lip-syncing or any band performance. Which is unusual in a music video.
- In some music videos for a rock/indie group they film a live stage performance and use that footage to create a music video.
- The rhythm and the beat is not in sync with what the boy is doing which is another reason why this is not a representation of a typical music video.
- Most music videos have some part in it that syncs up with the action or performance of the band or pop singer.


  1. ALWAYS provide source for any quoted or paraphrased work: " The group disbanded in 1993 in acrimonious circumstances" ... Did YOU write this??? You can add a hyperlinked word like this: [source] or [Wiki]
    Look again at how I formatted and presented my post, especially the basic info on the artist/track - you should have something similar (you can copy/paste and just change text/links each time)
    Post titles: MVidEG1 Pixies - Bagboy. Numbering system should be used for multiple posts on any linked issue/theme, with links lists set up to add as you go, not to create a big job months down the line!
    Don't leave so much space after the sub-heading
    Mise-en-scene: you're mostly describing (denoting), but need to:
    (1) Be more precise on the media language used (shot type, edit, angle, lighting etc)
    (2) Analyse: discuss WHY this was chosen. Consider:
    "- Boy starts breaking plates which is not in sync with the drums in the background but connotes aggression or anger.
    - Boy sits in a bath of milk with added cereal which suggests a childlike behavior"
    WHY? Uses and gratifications: identify with/aspire to be like? Expressing teen angst, reaching out to a wider youth audience as a band from late 1980s? Bath setup is visually striking, quirky (fitting with Pixies brand) and simply fun - maybe the colourfulness helps widen appeal to a female audience (as the protagonist is not a glamorous, female gaze choice?!)

    The very broad sub-headings you've chosen might be useful for short summaries, but what it does here is separate description from audience analysis, which needs to be clearly together

    Don't forget to specifically address editing.

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