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MVidEG2 Bring Me The Horizon - True Friends

Bring Me the Horizon are a British rock band from Sheffield, Yorkshire. Formed in 2004, the group currently consists of vocalist Oliver Sykes, guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt Kean, drummer Matt Nicholls, and keyboardist Jordan Fish. [Wiki]
TRACK: True Friends
YEAR: 2015
DIRECTOR: Oliver Sykes
GENRE: Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock
MAIN AUDIENCE: 15 - 25 both females and males.

Has 4 million views - quite popular

Mise-en-scene + Location
- Starts off with diegetic intro with a close up of a girls face in a bath suggests she is thinking of death. As this shot usually makes the audience think of someone thinking of drowning.
- Central protagonist - as she is the first person we see.
- Rule of Thirds as she is in the center, also she is in focus.
- Filter is used 'Sepia' to signify a flashback.
- Represents the audience through the girl who is a young, not blond, not exactly ugly.
- Male gaze for the male audience.
- Location is in an abandoned, run down, decayed building or warehouse.
- Typical for a band of rock or metal but not for a band like 'Take That' as the genre would not fit.
- The house seems to be run down which suggests that the man living in the house is poor- Bits are revealed and most things are in selective focus.
- Spray paint to add that rock look.
- Performance and narrative is good then choosing one over the other as that makes it uninteresting.
- Intertextuality of 'True Crimes' - American TV show - hanging bits of things from the garage roof.
Intertextuality of their own song used in the narrative.
- Representation of the female coming out as the top.
- Bit of girl power at the end.

 Editing + Sound + Cinematography
- Cables of the microphone adds a strong sense of realism.
- Full drum kit, electric guitars - making it more realistic.
- Filters create a sense of a different time. .
- Title of song comes up with a black background and white font.
- Full blast of the audio comes up.
- Drop in the audio to foreshadow something will happen.
- Editing speeds up with a more extreme camera movement.
- Dutch angle to create that extreme fast paced movement.
- Panning across photographs to help establish the narrative.
- Man in the narrative was a cop who seemed to have gone down hill from a tough case.
- Special effects - camera becomes shaky like a earthquake effect to emphasize the audio.
- Track changes and so does the editing. - pace has gone down.
- Letterboxing - an effect where black is added around the shot.  - Intertextuality of Scandi drama looking.
- Borrows the language of cinema to the music video.
- diegetic sound of strings sounds quite dark.
- Filter 'sepia' which gives it a retro feeling.
- Narrative has become the main part with longer takes.
- Narrative is strongly anchored.
- Voices are muffled and there are added subtitles to what the characters are saying.
- Audio starts to build up.
- Common convention - most shots are of the lead singer.
- If there is more space it is easier to get more shot variation than in a garage or a room.
- Narrative - some clumsy scripting but the mise-en-scene makes up for it.
- Polaroid camera is good for photographs to help create the narrative.
- U2 'Vertigo' - links in with the special effects of the earthquake movement.
- The girl is a classic victim.
- Not using very good performance footage.
- Cutaway shots
- Some profanity is involved. Which means that it might be viewed for an audience of maturity, also the shot of a horses decapitated head would make it a rating of 16 or higher.
- Lighting is low and there is bright light coming in from the windows.
- Ends with the girl killing the man.
 Star Treatment
- Lots of shots of the lead singer.
- Several close ups of his face and hands showing he has tattoos which convey that the singer is very expressive and also edgy.
- Several earthquake movements make the singer seem extreme.

 Target Audience
- Target audience is teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 to 27 maybe even older.
- Mostly males and some females.
- Female gaze - the singer is young and attracts the female audience.
- This is a YouTube video that the well known Youtubers the 'Fine Bros' made of an older audience reacting to Bring Me The Horizon. Many of the reactions were mostly negative but some of the older audiences liked the music but not the videos.

- Performance + Narrative are both done in this video
- Narrative is quite like a scandi crime drama
- Lead singer is the more important one.
- Lots of low lighting and dark locations.
- Band are performing which creates verisimilitude.

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