Sunday, 16 April 2017

Welcome To My Blog!

This is my Music Video blog where I have posted all my coursework and my journey throughout A2. 

This year for my A2 Media Studies I have worked on creating a promo package which includes a music video, website and a digipak. I have learnt new things about the media industry and I can analyze a wide variety of music videos using Andrew Goodwin, Baudrillard and Stuart Hall and many other theoretical conventions. I have created a visually interesting and professional music video which has been a challenging process especially as I worked solo for this project. I acquired several new skills including how to make my own website and I made a digipak using Photoshop to its fullest potential. I feel I have improved a lot from AS to A2 media, and this has enabled me to describe my journey through the development, research and planning of my A2 coursework. I have shown the transition of all three products on this blog and the final outcomes that I have formed. 

Last year, my experience of making a film opening for AS media was a very intriguing time as I learnt many things about how different conventions work in films. From doing AS media I used several skills that improved over the year. I was able to improve my camera skills and achieve interesting panning shots. I also improved on my team work and learnt that communication is key in group work. Here is a link to my Film Opening which I hope will show the progress I have made since then. 

Thank you and I hope you enjoy viewing my work.  

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