Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Andrew Goodwin's Theory - Genre Characteristics

4. Genre Characteristics
Goodwin came up with genre characteristics in music videos. This means that certain genres of music will have a similar type of performance or narrative.  

Rock Genre - 'Goodbye Agony' - Black Veil Brides 
For the rock genre this music video fits the characteristics of the genre because it has a band that is performing and there is fast-paced editing for some scenes. Even with the band wearing eccentric costumes and make up

Pop Genre - 'Ain't Your Mama' - Jennifer Lopez 
For the pop genre, this music video fits the brief because it has bright lighting, lots of colours and a more upbeat melody. Also in pop music videos the artist's are performing in a narrative

Hip Hop Genre - 'Hotline Bling' - Drake
For the hip hop genre or R&B genre, this music video fits with the genre because of the fact that it has lots of women in tight clothing and the artist is performing to a catchy beat. There are narratives but not as amplified like in the pop genre

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