Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Andrew Goodwin's Theory - List

Andrew Goodwin's Theory 

Goodwin has come up with a theory that helps to deconstruct music videos into a form in which directors can use as a bases of making a music video.Goodwin has 5 key rules to follow when analyzing a music video, but I have broken down his theory into smaller groups making it easier to see exactly what is needed.  

1. Relationship between the lyrics and visuals 
2. Narrative and performance of the song 
3. Relationship between the music and visuals 
4. Genre Characteristics 
5. Intertextuality - pop culture references and other references from media texts 
6. Voyeurism/objectification of the female body  - focus on women, focus on the artist
7. Narrative based - tells a story within the music video 
8. Performance based - when the artist/band is singing, dancing or playing
9. Concept based - abstract type of music videos, almost random
10. Star image 
11. Technical aspects of the music video 

I will be making a post on each aspect of Goodwin's theory to a more in depth level. (Numbers 7,8 and 9 I will not be making a post on because this will be shown throughout the other posts). 

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