Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Andrew Goodwin's Theory - Lyrics & Visuals

1. Relationship between the lyrics and the visuals 
Illustrative - Lyrics between visuals are easily put across to the audience

An example of this would be "All I Want" by Kodaline. This song is about a guy in a working environment who wants to ask his fellow female colleague out and be with her.

Amplified - When the director tries to make the visuals exactly as what the lyrics are saying. 

An example of this would be "Run Boy Run" by Woodkid. In this Music Video the lyrics are about a boy who needs to run from creatures and in the music video there is a boy who is running away from characters.

Contradictory - When the lyrics and the visuals have no cohesion and the visuals are different to what is being sung, or the lyrics are different to what is being shown. 

An example of this would be "Sorry" by Justin Bieber. This is not an extreme example but the song is about being 'sorry' but their are girls dancing around.

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