Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Andrew Goodwin's Theory - Narrative & Performance

2. Narrative and Performance 
Narrative and performance is when a music video tells a story but also with some performance of either dancing, singing or playing.

Narrative music videos are when the artist/band are telling a story that has actors or that the artists' act in. There are 2 types of ways a narrative based music video is shown. 

The first being a linear narrative which is when the video has a beginning, middle and ending. A non-linear narrative is when the story starts from the middle and goes from the start or to the ending. Sometimes the video will go back to the beginning. 

An example of a linear narrative music video would be 'Black Magic' by Little Mix. 
In the video it begins with a school/college setting with the girl group in unattractive clothing and being bullied for their looks. Then the video goes into how the girls find a magic book that allows them to look attractive using spells. The girls use their magic on a nerdy looking boy who gets the attention of a group of girls. Also they make the mean girl lose her boyfriend with their magic. The video ends with the girls and the whole school having a party.

An example of a non-linear narrative music video would be 'I Knew You Were Trouble' by Taylor Swift. In this video it starts from the end with the singer lying on the ground in the middle of nowhere and shows flashbacks of what happened before she ended up in the deserted location.

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