Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Andrew Goodwin's Theory - Voyeurism/Objectification

6. Voyeurism and Objectification of the female body 
Voyeurism is when there are body parts of the artist shown that are provocative. Objectification of the female body is when there are women in the video that wear tight clothing, revealing clothing and focusing on the female body as an object. 

There are many music videos that convey the sense of both of these aspects. 

For example the music video 'M.I.L.F $' by Fergie is an example of the objectification of the female body as she and other women in the video are wearing revealing clothing. As for the voyeurism, the women are doing provocative things and showing off their bodies to the audience which attracts a large male audience, especially with the male gaze theory. This video caused some debate about what the message really was, which was discussed by the YouTube account The Fine Bros who made a video of parents reacting to the video. 

Another example would be the controversial music video by Robin Thicke. In this video there are a lot of examples of objectifying the female body. And the whole song caused a debate on the lyrics of the song and the fact that in the uncensored version the models were topless. The Guardian did an article on this song.  

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