Thursday, 18 August 2016

MVidEG5 Robin Schultz - Sugar

Robin Schulz is a German record producer, musician and DJ. Most of his songs make use of electric guitar riffs.[Wiki]

ACT: Robin Schulz 
TRACK: Sugar (featuring Francesco Yates)
GENRE: Deep House 
DIRECTOR: Robin Schulz ft JUNKX 
YEAR: 2015


Mise-En-Scene + Locations 

- Starts off in a street lined with houses in neat rows - suburban area
- Police car is sitting at the side of the street to convey a sense of protection from any dangerous events
- Featuring singer appears in a different location that looks quite abandoned and has some cars in the background. 
- Could be standing in a junk yard or a car recycling place. 
- Goes back and forth from the singer to the policeman. 
- From deserted yard to the police car. 
- Policeman is driving around the street where we can see houses in the background
- The policeman starts to drive very dangerously around the streets and we see two girls walking with a dog and the policeman nearly runs them over. 
- Objectification of the female body - the two girls are wearing t-shirts but one is wearing shorts showing her legs and the other one is wearing jeans. 
- Shot reverse shot between the policeman and the singer. 

- He goes into a car wash and starts to wash his car while dancing around. 
- Verisimilitude is created in the car wash scene because there is another person washing their car but like a normal person.

Editing + Cinematography + Sound 

- First shot is the police car sitting at the side of the road with an establishing shot
- Camera zooms in on the police car and the driver sitting in the car 
- Cuts to the featuring singer Francesco Yates. 
- Goes back to the police driver and the camera zooms in on his expression. 
- Camera does a shot reverse shot back to the singer who is shown with a mid shot. 
- Possible lip syncing is being done. 
- Camera shows different views of the singer standing which goes with the editing 
- Then goes back to the police man in the car with a side shot view of him driving. 
- Gives the feeling that the audeince is sitting in the car with the police man. 
- Policeman starts to slowly and subtly lip-sync to the song. 
- Mid shot of the singer and a mid to close up shot of the policeman. 
- The editing is quite fast paced and changes to a different shot around every five beats of the song. 
- Wide shot of the police car going into a zig zag pattern down a street. 
- Lots of shots of the front of the police car with the driver inside. 
- Lots of close ups of the policeman washing the car and then spraying himself as well.


- Intertextuality with the original song called 'Suga Suga' by Baby Bash

- The policeman dresses up like the singer from Baby Bash with a green t-shirt and a beanie. 

- The policeman is an American Comedian and Actor, has his own YouTube Channel and has been in some not so popular movies.  

Star Treatment

- Not much star treatment used apart from a billboard that advertises the artist Robin Schultz. 

Target Audience
- Males from 13 to 25 years old.
- females from 16 to 25 years old. 
- Mostly males interested in the artist because of the comedic music video. 

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