Tuesday, 30 August 2016

MVidEG6 Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend

ACT: Coldplay ft Beyoncé
TRACK: Hymn For The Weekend 
GENRE: Electronic rock, pop 
YEAR: 2015/16
                   Coldplay are a British rock band formed in 1996 by lead vocalist and pianist Chris Martin [Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Location
-          Set in India
-          Shows long shots of a temple in ruins with some religious men walking through the temple.
-          A white peacock is shown with a low angle shotsignifies purity
-          Cuts to some people playing instruments that are typical of Indian music. (close up shot)
-          Cuts to a cityscape with a billboard – low angle shot
-          Beyoncé the featuring singer is on a billboard – narrative
-          Rocky location with featured singer walking slowly dressed in a typical Indian Sari.
-          Panning and tracking shots of the city and busy traffic.
-          Lead singer is sitting on a balcony with a colourful temple behind him.
-          Singer back in the car looking out onto the streets and watching the different street acts.
-          Long shot to panning of the lead singer going into a cinema.
-          Beyoncé is the ‘film’ being shown in the cinema – lead singer sits and watches while lip syncing.
-          Band is playing again in the streets with street performers dancing.
-          Indian girls dancing and different cultural references.
-          Temple is shown again with a high angle shot.
-          Then back to the streets – near the water/sea
-          Ends with the lead singer in a boat on the water and fireworks behind him – long/wide shot.

   Editing + Cinematography + Sound 

-          Tracking shot of the lead singer from Coldplay in a car/taxi going around the city.
-          Shows a series of scenes of the people in Indian and the streets.
-          Cuts to a child dressed as a God from Indian religion – tracking shot.
-          Lots of cuts of the singer walking around the streets with kids following him.
-          Lots of close ups and mid shots of the singer Beyoncé.
-          Use of slow motion editing for the coloured powder being thrown everywhere.
 Whole band is shown in the middle of a crowd throwing colourful powder
-          Some high definition effect is used on several scenes to show the powder.
-          The band is playing with cuts and mid shots.
-          Lots of close ups and mid shots of Beyoncé on the cinema screen and then on TV.
-          Close up of a fire blower with the effect of slow motion.
-          Then the band are playing with a full drum kit, guitars and microphone to give realism.
-          Music starts quietly with the featured artist humming.
-          Singers are lip-syncing to the lyrics.

-          Lots of cultural references of Indian
-          Religious references to Gods in India
-          Temples and the city
-          Lots of controversy from the media as the Music Video was a “bad example of Indian culture”. 
     Billboard does an article about the controversy caused. 

Star Treatment
-          Lots of shots of the band together
-          Lead singer Chris Martin is the main focus
-          Featuring singer Beyoncé is also a focus

Target Audience
-          Females from 12 to 28 years old
-          Males from 14 to 28 years old
-          Male gaze – Beyoncé would attract a male audience because of her looks whereas Chris Martin will attract a female audience because of his looks or voice.

-          Lip-syncing
-          Mise-en-scene
-          Makeup and costumes
-          Narrative based music video

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