Tuesday, 30 August 2016

MVidEG7 Alan Walker - Faded

ACT: Alan Walker
TRACK: Faded
GENRE: Electronic Dance Music 
DIRECTOR: Rikkard & Tobias Haggbom 
Vocalist: Iselin Solheim
Video Location: Estonia 
Actor: Shahab Salehi 
YEAR: 2016

Alan Olav Walker is a British-Norwegian record producer who was born in Northampton, England. He is best known for the electronic dance music single "Faded".[Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Location  

- The video starts off with cuts from different locations
-     - All the locations seem to be grey looking.
-     - The locations seem to look abandoned and deserted.
-      -  Character in the music video is dressed in a hoody and jeans – male
-      -  Close up of the characters hands taking a photo out of his pocket. – photo is of a house with a white picket fence – American Dream
-     -  Character walks through the building.
-      -    Lots of wide shots of different locations with the character walking around
-      -    Character runs towards a building in the middle of water
-       -   Last scene shows the character finding the location of the photo from the start.
-      -  Character close up and then a long shot of the house from the photo looking ruined.

Editing + Cinematography + Sound

Shows zoom ins of the locations
 Long shots of the different settings
-  A laptop is shown in an abandoned building sitting on some rubble.-  Lots of handheld camera movements to give a sense of realism  
-  The character never shows his/her face.  – conveys more of a mystery
-   Handheld camera follows the character as he/she is moving.    
-  Close up of the characters face but he/she has it covered up to his/her eyes.
-  Handheld camera does a pan from the feet upwards.
-  Lots of cuts from location to different locations that all look deserted
-    -  Character lights a flare – low angle shots
-    - The different locations are cut with the music making it fast paced.- Relationship between the song and visuals. 
-    -  There is non-diegetic sound at the start with static sound effect.
-   -   Then the song starts with the sound seemingly coming from the laptop.
-   -   No sign of the singer or Alan Walker.
-     Star Treatment
-          No star treatment but the initials of Alan Walker
-          Singer is not in the video either
-          Typical of this type of music to have the DJ and the singer not featured in the video.

Target Audience
-          Males between the ages 14 to 25 years old
-          Females from the ages 15 to 25 years old

-          No artist shown
-          Lots of location shots
-          Cinematography is the main focus
-          Editing and sound go together

-          Narrative based music video

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