Tuesday, 30 August 2016

MVidEG8 Flo Rida - My House

ACT: Flo Rida
TRACK: My House
GENRE: Hip Hop/Rap
DIRECTOR: Alex Acosta
YEAR: 2015/16
Tramar Lacel Dillard, better known by his stage name Flo Rida is an American hip hop recording artist from Carol City, Florida. [Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Location

-          Setting is in a house as the song title gives away what the video is set.
-          Shows Flo Rida’s house and he welcomes the ‘audience’ into his house.
-          Shows a woman standing outside his house waiting to be let in – over the shoulder shot
-          Shows different rooms in his house – kitchen and the living room
-          Has a special room where he is lip-syncing away from the guests
-          Then there is a scene of Flo in his bedroom singing to the camera while there is a woman asleep on his bed.

Editing + Cinematography + Sound

-          Starts off like a film with credits saying ‘ Strong Arms Film Presents’
-          Has the ‘Director’ mentioned and then FLO RIDA with the title of the song MY HOUSE.
-          Cuts to Flo sitting on a big armchair with women surrounding him.
-          Objectification of the female body is strong in this video.
-          Shows women in shorts and revealing tops.
-          A variety of mid shots of the singer and his friends to close ups.  
-          Lots of women dancing around and drinking
-          Flo Rida is shown holding a drink and dancing with women around him.
-          Shows a woman dressed in silver clothing – very sexualised
-          Another woman is dressed in a more soldier type outfit holding fire on sticks
-          Shows a man blowing fire from bottles – slow motion effect 
-          Lots of cuts which makes it fast paced
-          Shows a woman pouring alcohol on herself (close up) and getting it licked off by another woman – lots of sexualisation and drunk behaviour.
-          After that the music and the cuts are in sync with a quick rapid effect
-          More objectification of the female body as there is a woman covered in sushi while people eat off her. Tracking shots and panning shots are used.
-          Pillow fight is shown with women – sexualising
-          Low angle shot of Flo Rida crouching down while surrounded by the pillow fight.
-          Then shows him with a crowd of women and men dancing and singing. – Long shot

-          Mostly party references

Target Audience
-          Males from 14 to 28 year olds
-          Females from 15 to 25 year olds
-          Mostly attracts the males because of the objectification of the female body

-          Lip-syncing
-          Fast-paced
-          Costumes + Makeup
Lots of women

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