Tuesday, 30 August 2016

MVidEG9 Strumbelles - Spirits

TRACK: Spirits
GENRE: Indie pop
DIRECTOR: Daniel Am Rosenberg
YEAR: 2016

The Strumbellas is a Juno-award winning, six-piece Canadian band, whose music has been described as alternative countryindie rock, and "folk popgrass". [Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Location

-          Setting/Location is in a church
-          Close ups of the church benches and the books
-          Shows the podium with flowers on it in mid shot
-          Band are all dressed in costumes
-          Funeral casket is in the church with flowers on it – long shot to low angle shot
-          New location is outside where the band carry the coffin out – angled shot with close up

Editing + Cinematography + Sound

-          Starts with the name of the band and then the title of the song comes up.
-          Use of soft focus going into sharp focus
-          Mentions the director in small caption
-          Lead singer of the band is lip-syncing while looking into a mirror – close up
-          Use of lighting - very bright
-          Lots of cuts of the band playing instruments
-          Shows with panning shots and tracking shots the band singing
-          Close up of the band members placing items on the coffin
-          Light source coming from the church windows
-          Lots of shots of a crowd of people walking along the streets also dressed in costumes – long shots, low angle shots and crane shots.
-          Ends with a low angle shot of the lead singers shoes and some flowers hanging
-          At the end the video shows the companies that helped produce it – Canadian companies
-          There is diegetic sound of footsteps in the church
-          The singing starts a few seconds after – which looks like diegetic sound as the band seem to have instruments – making it realistic
-          Keyboard, violin, guitars and a drum kit

-          The costumes are all from different eras in history

Target Audience
-          Males from the ages 15 to 27 years old
-          Females from the ages 14 to 27 years old
-          Would mostly target a niche audience as it’s an indie type of band

-          Lip-syncing
-          Costumes + Makeup
-          Instruments

-          Narrative based video 

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