Friday, 30 September 2016

Genre Specific MV8 - Flume ft Kai - Never Be Like You

- Audio is very influential as it has lots of bass beats

ACT: Flume ft Kai
TRACK: Never Be Like You
GENRE: EDM, Alternative R&B, Future Bass 
YEAR: 2016 
Harley Edward Streten, better known by his stage name Flume, is an Australian record producer and musician.[Wiki]

For this song there is no Music Video. This shows that the artist is still new to the music industry and has not yet developed a music video for the public.

Genre Specfic MV7 - The Chainsmokers ft Halsey - Closer

- Use of the lyrics incorporated within the video 
- Use of long shots and wide shots for the locations 
- Useful for my narrative 

ACT: The Chainsmokers ft Halsey 
TRACK: Closer 
DIRECTOR: The Chainsmokers 
YEAR: 2016 

The Chainsmokers are an American DJ duo consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall.[Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Locations
- Starts with someone looking at polaroid photos of The Chainsmokers
- Has an establishing shot/wide shot of the sea/coast
- Mid shots and some high angle shots of the couple
- Shots of the beach
- Couple are wearing summer clothing
- Some close ups of the couple which goes with the visuals + Lyrics
- Objectification of the female body - actress is wearing a bikini

Editing + Cinematography + Sound
- Music starts straight away
- Lyrics of the song shows up
- Lots of shots of the couple together
- Has the couple taking photos together in a dune
- Lots of bright lighting
- Use of the zoom outs and panning upwards
- Helicopter shot of the couple walking

Star Treatment
- The duo don't feature in the video, only as Intertextuality.  
- They're singing in the track 

Performance, Narrative or Concept?
- This music video is a narrative video based on a couple and their relationship together. There is no performance at all but the lyrics are shown.

Representation + Audience
- Caucasian males, both aged 31 years old. Consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart.
- Audience would be between 16 to 27 years old.
- The Chainsmokers had a No.1 single called '#Selfie' which got millions of views and was trendy in 2014. This helped the duo to become known in the music scene and they started to make more music and have now become more popular.

Genre Specific MV6 - Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

- Dancers performing 
- Different styles of dancing 

ACT: Calvin Harris 
TRACK: Feel So Close 
DIRECTOR: Vincent Haycock  
YEAR: 2012

Adam Richard Wiles, known professionally as Calvin Harris, is a Scottish record producer, singer, songwriter and DJ.[Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Locations 

- Petrol Station
- Different groups of people dancing
- Shows different people in different locations listening to the same song.
- Singer lip-syncs to the song
- Lots of mid-shots and close ups of the singer

Editing + Cinematography + Sound 
- Music starts with diegetic sound of the radio
- Video cuts to the beat of the song but slightly delayed.
- Lots of long shots and mid shots of the people and scenery.
- Editing starts to build up for the chorus and then goes back to slower editing.

Star Treatment 
- Singer is lip-syncing
- Lots of close ups and mid shots of singer
- Singer participates in the video.

Performance, Narrative or Concept?
- This music video is a narrative and performance-based video. Includes dancers of different ethnicity and style of music. Includes the artist singing in the video and being part of the narrative.

Representation + Audience 
- Caucasian male, aged 32 years old
- Audience would be between the ages 15 to 29 years old
- Calvin Harris is known for dating different singers including Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

VODCAST on Industry

In this Vodcast I discuss the changes in the Music Industry and how it affects the Artists and the Record Companies. 

Sources - Huffington Post, NBC News, Newsweek, Digital Music News, The Verge. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Change of Genre

I was initially going to choose Zayn Maliks song 'PillowTalk' for my Final music video song but have decided against it because it gives out the wrong message and the artist is too recent in the solo area. I have considered to change from R&B to Electronic Dance Music instead.

As my Final Music video I was thinking of doing Justin Bieber's song 'Where Are U Now' which came out last year. I'd prefer to do someone who is still young and that I can create more of an image from. Justin Bieber has been in the music world for quite a long time now, and only starting out as a YouTube sensation in 2008.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Genre Specific MV5 - John Legend - All Of Me

ACT: John Legend
TRACK: All Of Me
GENRE: R&B, Soul
DIRECTOR: Nabil Elderkin
YEAR: 2013

                          John Legend is an American singer, songwriter, and musician.[Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Locations
- Starts off in a house with the singer looking out the window - mid shot
- Filmed in Italy by Lake Como a few days before the couple's wedding
- Over-the-shoulder shot of the singer looking out the window to his wife outside.
- Long shot/establish shot of the singer playing a piano - creates verisimilitude
- Cuts to the couple on a speed boat - mid shots/long shots
- Changes to them eating at a table in the house. - Mid shots
- Mid shots of the 'wife' in the pool swimming.
- Lots of close ups and mid shots of the couple in bed and in the shower.
- Long shots of the couple in the pool together.
- Mid shots to close ups of the couple at dinner

Editing + Cinematography + Sound
- The music starts with instrumental
- Zoom in's very slowly to the singers face.
- The cuts are very subtle at the start but when he is performing there is a variety of shots
- Camera zooms in in quite a shaky movement.
- Camera does a 360 degree spin on the singer playing piano.
- Long shots of the couple walking towards a lake
- Ends with clips from the actual wedding day - Long to mid shot.

Star Treatment
- The singer is the main focus but so is his 'wife' who is also with him
- Lots of mid shots to close ups of the singer lip-syncing
- The couple are the main focus and there are no other characters apart from the people from the wedding.

Performance, Narrative or Concept?
- This Music Video is a performance-based video but there is also a narrative because the singer is getting married and shows the wedding. It's performance because the singer is playing piano and singing at the same time, and the meaning of the song and lyrics are more important than the video.

Representation + Audience
- John Legend is an American dark skinned male, aged 38 years old.
- Audience would be of the ages 14 to 28 years old. Both females and males.
- There aren't any parody videos but there is a video collaboration with John Legend and Lindsey Stirling who plays the violin on YouTube.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Genre Specific MV4 - Usher - No Limit

ACT: Usher ft Young Thug 
TRACK: No Limit 
GENRE: R&B, Soul
DIRECTOR: Joey Toman 
YEAR: 2016
                              Usher Raymond IV is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. [Wiki]


Mise-en-scene + Location 
- Starts off with a grey-ish white backdrop with the singer - wide shot/long shot 
- Shows the singer from the back and the other featuring singer from the back. 
- Some close ups of the singer's face and his friend - mid shots 
- Lots of long shots and mid shots of the singer dancing with other dancers
- Tilt upwards or a low angled shot of the dancing 
- Usher is wearing a blue velvet bomber jacket with some loose sporty trousers and black shoes. 
- Dancers start to show off with the camera movement slightly shaky to give a more realistic feeling of being in the crowd of dancers. 
- Ends with the dancers and Usher in a circle having fun. - Camera is very shaky

Editing + Cinematography + Sound
- Lighting is bright 
- Some lighting is a blue colour against a white background
-  Use of slow motion but is very subtle for the dancing
- Music starts straight away with the dancing and lots of cuts for the dance routine
- Video cuts to the beat of the song around every three beats with different camera shots
- Cuts between the dancing and the singers in a mid shot
- Features a lot of different people that some would know. 

Star Treatment 
- The singer is the main focus 
- The back up dancers are focusing on the singer and his dancing.
- The other featuring singer/rapper is not as focused on and has less camera shots of him. 
- Features some other people including: Ty Dolla Sign, Boosie, Gucci Mane and some internet dancers like Kida The Great, Ayo & Teo, Meechie, Yvng Quan and Mr Hot Spot

Performance, Narrative or Concept? 
- This Music Video is a performance based video with lots of dancing and not much of a narrative but definitely not a concept based because of the structured dancing and there is no randomness in the video

Representation + Audience
- Usher is a African-American male, aged 32
- Stereotype? - The average 'black male' with tattoos and lots of bling.
-  Audience would be of the ages 16 to 25 years old, mostly males because of the clothing and dancing style. 
- Some females would be interested if they are into hip-hop dancing and because of the female gaze
- Another good thing about his music video is that people can try and learn the dance routine and there are many YouTube videos of groups of people dancing. 

Genre Specific MV3 - Drake - Hotline Bling

ACT: Drake 
DIRECTOR: Director X with the inspiration from the artist James Turrell 
YEAR: 2016
Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor.[Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Location
- Starts off in a office setting with women wearing the same outfits and wearing headsets which they are talking in. 
- Women are being slightly objectified as they are wearing tight clothing. 
- Tracking shots of the women sitting at desks 
- Shows a new setting with only Drake standing in an empty room - establishing shot 
- Drake is wearing a red parka, blue jeans, some timberland shoes and a white t-shirt. 
- Some close ups of his face and him lip-syncing
- Has some panning shots of women silhouetted against a coloured background dancing slowly. 
- Another setting is a room with white walls and some stairs. 
- There are several different rooms used with white walls but the lighting changes as well. 
- Drake changes outfit as well, he wears a red parka then a jumper and lastly a bomber jacket. 
- Lots of mid shots of the singer lip-syncing 
- Near the end the singer is dancing with a woman who is a background dancer. 
- Ending is of the women talking in their headsets. 

Editing + Cinematography + Sound 
- Camera zooms out into a long shot to show the setting 
- Some diegetic dialogue from the women talking. 
- Music starts when Drake is shown. 
- Long shot of the singer standing in a room
- Name of the artist shows up in a white font with the title of the song also in a white font. The title is repeated several times. 
- Director's name also shows on the screen 
- The music doesn't cut to the beat it is very delayed. 
- There is a lot of lighting used for this music video, with different colours against a white background
- Use of the zoom in is frequently used throughout the video. 
- The cuts become very subtle and not to the beat of the song

Star Treatment 
- Focuses on the singer and his dancing 
- He is the main focus while dancers are dancing around him

Performance, Narrative or Concept? 
- This Music video is a performance based video. Showing his dancing moves and him lip-syncing to the track. There is a small element of narrative with the women talking into the headsets and how it shows it at the start and at the ending of the music video

Representation + Audience 
- Drake is a Canadian male, aged 29 years old who used to act in the TV Series Degrassi: The Next Generation. 
- Stereotype? - again the typical black male who could be aggressive and into drugs or other type of crimes. 
- Audience would be from the ages 15 to 28 years old. Males mostly and some females
- Lots of parodies have been made of his song and lots of memes of his dance moves have gone viral and become a trend in dancing. 
- Parody by Bart Baker - YouTube channel 

- Another parody was done by Saturday Night Live - SNL 
- - Also many vines have been made with photo-shopped props in the video. 

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Genre Specific MV2 - The Weeknd - The Hills

ACT: The Weeknd 
TRACK: The Hills 
GENRE: R&B, Soul,
DIRECTOR: Grant Singer 
YEAR: 2015

Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye, known professionally as The Weeknd, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. [Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Location 
- Starts with a car crash - long shot 
- He gets out of the car wearing a dark bomber jacket and black jeans. 
- Two women are also in the car and are seen trying to get out of the car. - long shot to mid shot.
- Mid shots of the singer lip-syncing 
- Setting/location is in a street somewhere in the states or Canada. 
- Then changes to an abandoned house with the singer walking around. - Close ups and mid shots are used. 
- Singer is placed at the side of the screen instead of in the center of the shot to show the audience the scenes behind him. 
- In the house location there is a room with two women and a man sitting waiting for the singer. - Long shot/wide shot  

Editing + Cinematography + Sound 
- Starts with lots of cuts between shots of the car overturned. 
- Then the editing becomes slower and with fewer cuts
- Non-diegetic music starts straight away, the voice of the singer is heard even though he is not singing in the beginning of the video. 
- Once the chorus starts the singer starts lip-syncing to it. 
- Tracking shots of the singer walking away from the car crash
- Explosion is shown in the background while the singer is still singing. 
- Use of dim lighting, very dark and probably filmed during the night. 
- Use of red lighting near the end of the music video - signifies danger. 

Star Treatment
- The camera mostly focuses on the singer but always is showing what is happening from behind the shoulder of the singer. 
- There are many mid shots and close ups of the singer 
- The singer is lip-syncing at the chorus and the rest of the video, apart from the beginning

Performance, Narrative or Concept? 
- The Music video is a mixture between narrative and performance based. There is a clear idea of the narrative but the ending is left open to the audience to figure out what happened. 

Representation + Audience 
- The singer is an African-American male, aged 26 years old, and born in Canada. 
- His hair is one of his signature looks and helps for the audience to identify him. 
- Stereotype? - As he is a 'black male' he might be stereotyped as being aggressive and very much into drugs. Which is not the case for him. 
- His audience would be 15 to 29 years of age, male and females. 
- The YouTube account 'Key of Awesome' have made a parody which talks about what the song is about and some of the themes that the song has. 

Genre Specific MV1 - Joel Adams - Please Don't Go

ACT: Joel Adams 
GENRE: Soul, Pop,
TRACK: Please Don't Go
DIRECTOR: Chunog Vo 
YEAR: 2015
Joel Adams is an Australian pop/soul singer-songwriter and producer known for his hit debut single, "Please Don't Go”. [Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Locations 
- Starts with the singer in a countryside setting 
- Singer stands looking out over the country with his back to the camera 
- Cuts to the singer in a dense forest - mid shot 
- Cuts back to the countryside setting in a wide shot 
- Tracking shot of the singer walking in the forest 
- Panning shot of the singer walking - mid shot 
- Lots of cuts of close ups 
- Singer is wearing a blue rain jacket, striped blue t-shirt and some jeans.
- His hair is a typical boyish hairstyle similar to the old Justin Bieber hairstyle. 
- Lighting is bright most of the time some dim lighting because of the dense forest. 
- Only prop that is used is a keyboard. 

Editing + Cinematography + Sound
- use of visual effects - blue light 
- lots of blue light/visual streams of light at the start 
- Long shots of the countryside 
- Title of the song and artist's name comes up 
- Has the director mentioned as well
- blue visual effects are edited in to create mystery 
- Small white dots are edited in to create a sense of magic 
- Some blue holographic effects put in
- Non-diegetic music starts 1 second into the video. 
- Keyboard is played by the singer - is probably non-diegetic sound as there is a track playing while the singer lip-syncs

Star Treatment 
- Singer is the complete focus 
- There are no other characters featured in the music video
- Lots of mid shots and long shots of the singer 
- Singer plays a keyboard at some point in the video - gives verisimilitude to the non-diegetic music.  

Performance, Narrative or Concept? 
- This music video is mostly performance as the singer is lip-syncing to the song but it can also be a narrative as the singer is walking around a forest area and following blue holographic effects as if that is the 'soul' of the person he loves. 

Visuals & Lyrics 
- The singer sings about his soul which can be represented through the blue effects 
- Then the chorus 'Now please don't go, most nights I hardly sleep when I'm alone. Now please don't go, I think of you whenever I'm alone' which is represented through the setting which is a forest showing he is thinking about 'her'. 

Representation + Audience  
- From his clothing we can get an idea of the audience which would be young boys and girls from the ages 14 to 17. 
- The singer is a Caucasian male, 19 years old, from Australia. 
- He represents most of the boys with a similar age and the same gender. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Practice Video - Production Schedule

Production Schedule

Wednesday to Thursday 21th and 22th of September
- Film flashback scenes of the couple together with shots of the scenery.

Monday 26th September
- Film some more studio scenes if needed

Tuesday 27th September
- Start editing the studio scenes

Wednesday 28th September
- Film any extra footage if needed of either the couple or of the city/town 

Thursday 29th September
 - Edit the flashback scenes with some added effects

Friday 30th September
 - Finish all the editing and upload to blogs the finished video

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

VODCAST - Conventions of Music Videos

In this vodcast I am discussing the different conventions of music videos and how they can be broken down into key elements. I have gone into detail about the Mise-en-scene and how that includes the costumes, makeup, props, locations, lighting and colours. 

Conventions that I mentioned: 
Performance, Narrative, Mise-en-scene, Lip-syncing, Editing Techniques, Stereotypes and Camera Shots/ Movements. 

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Practice Video - Planning/Idea

TRACK: We Don't Talk Anymore 
ACT: Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez 
DIRECTOR: Phil Pinto 
YEAR: 2016

Group - Sophie, Bronwen and Adel and me

- Narrative and performance - As a group we have decided to create our own story as the camera work in the music video is too shaky and not a common convention. 
- Studio set up with a microphone stand and a backdrop
- costume changes throughout 
- flashbacks - photos using a Polaroid camera 
- Flashbacks filmed in town and park
- lighting would be dim? 
- using a phone to spark the flashbacks 
- Actress/Actors - Bronwen

Summary of Narrative 
- Starts with a guy in a studio singing and playing guitar in some shots 
- He gets a Instagram notification of his ex-girlfriend with another guy looking happy
- He starts to have flashbacks of the memories he had with the girl
- In the flashback, they are walking together in town having an ice cream and also taking pictures in the park with a Polaroid camera. 
- Then it goes to the girl with her new boyfriend out to dinner in the evening 
- And then it goes back to the singer with the girl who breaks up with him. 
- Then the girl starts singing while in her bedroom looking at the pictures she took of her and her ex-boyfriend.  
- During that it will show the guy singing back in the studio

 - Fade in from black 
- Close up of his face 
- Establishing shot - zooms out to a long shot 
- Cut to hands on headphones 
- Pan downwards to shoes tapping + microphone stand
- Shows cables to give some verisimilitude to the performance part 
- His phone on the music stand with sheet music - verisimilitude - showing an Instagram notification
- Picture of girl + new 'boyfriend' on phone 
- Fade/cut to him closing his eyes - extreme close up?

- Establishing shot of town 
- Low angle shot of ice cream stand 
- Couple walking together with ice cream - tilt upwards - mid shot 
- Mid shot/close up of them smiling or laughing with ice cream in hand
- Rats eye view of their feet walking in sync together down the street