Thursday, 1 September 2016

Andrew Goodwin's Theory - Star Image

Star Image

Star image is when the protagonist of the music video is the center of attention and all the focus is on them. The camera shots would be mostly close ups and mid shots of the 'star'. The star is presented with their own uniqueness and quality using costumes, make up and their general appearance. This can help to further advertise the music video and the artists public reputation. 

An example of a Star Image would be 'Beyoncé' who is a huge artist and known by all her fans as the 'Queen B' because everyone wants to be like her. 

Another example of a huge star image would be 'Lady Gaga' who is a well-known artist for her extravagant clothing and abstract music videos. Her fan base are more loyal to her because she is down to earth and sometimes relatable

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