Thursday, 1 September 2016

Andrew Goodwin's Theory - Technical Aspects

Technical Aspects 

The technical aspects helps to influence the music video through the mise-en-scene, the editing and any special effects or the lighting

For the mise-en-scene there are many factors that help to create different music videos. Such as the use of props, costumes, make up and even the setting. The mise-en-scene helps to create a more efficient video and makes it look more authentic. 

For the lighting and the colour of the music video, it helps to create different moods depending on the genre of the music video and the narrative and also to emphaize any dramatic moments. 

For the editing and any special effects used, it helps the music video to keep the audience entertained. With the use of a variety of camera movements, shots and angles along with the editing. The editing whether fast-paced or not the music video becomes more professional. As for the special effects, they help to add a more technological and experienced look. 

Another important technical aspect would be the beats of the song and how they can be edited alongside the music so that they are in sync or out of sync.

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