Saturday, 24 September 2016

Genre Specific MV1 - Joel Adams - Please Don't Go

ACT: Joel Adams 
GENRE: Soul, Pop,
TRACK: Please Don't Go
DIRECTOR: Chunog Vo 
YEAR: 2015
Joel Adams is an Australian pop/soul singer-songwriter and producer known for his hit debut single, "Please Don't Go”. [Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Locations 
- Starts with the singer in a countryside setting 
- Singer stands looking out over the country with his back to the camera 
- Cuts to the singer in a dense forest - mid shot 
- Cuts back to the countryside setting in a wide shot 
- Tracking shot of the singer walking in the forest 
- Panning shot of the singer walking - mid shot 
- Lots of cuts of close ups 
- Singer is wearing a blue rain jacket, striped blue t-shirt and some jeans.
- His hair is a typical boyish hairstyle similar to the old Justin Bieber hairstyle. 
- Lighting is bright most of the time some dim lighting because of the dense forest. 
- Only prop that is used is a keyboard. 

Editing + Cinematography + Sound
- use of visual effects - blue light 
- lots of blue light/visual streams of light at the start 
- Long shots of the countryside 
- Title of the song and artist's name comes up 
- Has the director mentioned as well
- blue visual effects are edited in to create mystery 
- Small white dots are edited in to create a sense of magic 
- Some blue holographic effects put in
- Non-diegetic music starts 1 second into the video. 
- Keyboard is played by the singer - is probably non-diegetic sound as there is a track playing while the singer lip-syncs

Star Treatment 
- Singer is the complete focus 
- There are no other characters featured in the music video
- Lots of mid shots and long shots of the singer 
- Singer plays a keyboard at some point in the video - gives verisimilitude to the non-diegetic music.  

Performance, Narrative or Concept? 
- This music video is mostly performance as the singer is lip-syncing to the song but it can also be a narrative as the singer is walking around a forest area and following blue holographic effects as if that is the 'soul' of the person he loves. 

Visuals & Lyrics 
- The singer sings about his soul which can be represented through the blue effects 
- Then the chorus 'Now please don't go, most nights I hardly sleep when I'm alone. Now please don't go, I think of you whenever I'm alone' which is represented through the setting which is a forest showing he is thinking about 'her'. 

Representation + Audience  
- From his clothing we can get an idea of the audience which would be young boys and girls from the ages 14 to 17. 
- The singer is a Caucasian male, 19 years old, from Australia. 
- He represents most of the boys with a similar age and the same gender. 

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