Saturday, 24 September 2016

Genre Specific MV2 - The Weeknd - The Hills

ACT: The Weeknd 
TRACK: The Hills 
GENRE: R&B, Soul,
DIRECTOR: Grant Singer 
YEAR: 2015

Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye, known professionally as The Weeknd, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. [Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Location 
- Starts with a car crash - long shot 
- He gets out of the car wearing a dark bomber jacket and black jeans. 
- Two women are also in the car and are seen trying to get out of the car. - long shot to mid shot.
- Mid shots of the singer lip-syncing 
- Setting/location is in a street somewhere in the states or Canada. 
- Then changes to an abandoned house with the singer walking around. - Close ups and mid shots are used. 
- Singer is placed at the side of the screen instead of in the center of the shot to show the audience the scenes behind him. 
- In the house location there is a room with two women and a man sitting waiting for the singer. - Long shot/wide shot  

Editing + Cinematography + Sound 
- Starts with lots of cuts between shots of the car overturned. 
- Then the editing becomes slower and with fewer cuts
- Non-diegetic music starts straight away, the voice of the singer is heard even though he is not singing in the beginning of the video. 
- Once the chorus starts the singer starts lip-syncing to it. 
- Tracking shots of the singer walking away from the car crash
- Explosion is shown in the background while the singer is still singing. 
- Use of dim lighting, very dark and probably filmed during the night. 
- Use of red lighting near the end of the music video - signifies danger. 

Star Treatment
- The camera mostly focuses on the singer but always is showing what is happening from behind the shoulder of the singer. 
- There are many mid shots and close ups of the singer 
- The singer is lip-syncing at the chorus and the rest of the video, apart from the beginning

Performance, Narrative or Concept? 
- The Music video is a mixture between narrative and performance based. There is a clear idea of the narrative but the ending is left open to the audience to figure out what happened. 

Representation + Audience 
- The singer is an African-American male, aged 26 years old, and born in Canada. 
- His hair is one of his signature looks and helps for the audience to identify him. 
- Stereotype? - As he is a 'black male' he might be stereotyped as being aggressive and very much into drugs. Which is not the case for him. 
- His audience would be 15 to 29 years of age, male and females. 
- The YouTube account 'Key of Awesome' have made a parody which talks about what the song is about and some of the themes that the song has. 

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