Sunday, 25 September 2016

Genre Specific MV4 - Usher - No Limit

ACT: Usher ft Young Thug 
TRACK: No Limit 
GENRE: R&B, Soul
DIRECTOR: Joey Toman 
YEAR: 2016
                              Usher Raymond IV is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. [Wiki]


Mise-en-scene + Location 
- Starts off with a grey-ish white backdrop with the singer - wide shot/long shot 
- Shows the singer from the back and the other featuring singer from the back. 
- Some close ups of the singer's face and his friend - mid shots 
- Lots of long shots and mid shots of the singer dancing with other dancers
- Tilt upwards or a low angled shot of the dancing 
- Usher is wearing a blue velvet bomber jacket with some loose sporty trousers and black shoes. 
- Dancers start to show off with the camera movement slightly shaky to give a more realistic feeling of being in the crowd of dancers. 
- Ends with the dancers and Usher in a circle having fun. - Camera is very shaky

Editing + Cinematography + Sound
- Lighting is bright 
- Some lighting is a blue colour against a white background
-  Use of slow motion but is very subtle for the dancing
- Music starts straight away with the dancing and lots of cuts for the dance routine
- Video cuts to the beat of the song around every three beats with different camera shots
- Cuts between the dancing and the singers in a mid shot
- Features a lot of different people that some would know. 

Star Treatment 
- The singer is the main focus 
- The back up dancers are focusing on the singer and his dancing.
- The other featuring singer/rapper is not as focused on and has less camera shots of him. 
- Features some other people including: Ty Dolla Sign, Boosie, Gucci Mane and some internet dancers like Kida The Great, Ayo & Teo, Meechie, Yvng Quan and Mr Hot Spot

Performance, Narrative or Concept? 
- This Music Video is a performance based video with lots of dancing and not much of a narrative but definitely not a concept based because of the structured dancing and there is no randomness in the video

Representation + Audience
- Usher is a African-American male, aged 32
- Stereotype? - The average 'black male' with tattoos and lots of bling.
-  Audience would be of the ages 16 to 25 years old, mostly males because of the clothing and dancing style. 
- Some females would be interested if they are into hip-hop dancing and because of the female gaze
- Another good thing about his music video is that people can try and learn the dance routine and there are many YouTube videos of groups of people dancing. 

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