Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Genre Specific MV5 - John Legend - All Of Me

ACT: John Legend
TRACK: All Of Me
GENRE: R&B, Soul
DIRECTOR: Nabil Elderkin
YEAR: 2013

                          John Legend is an American singer, songwriter, and musician.[Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Locations
- Starts off in a house with the singer looking out the window - mid shot
- Filmed in Italy by Lake Como a few days before the couple's wedding
- Over-the-shoulder shot of the singer looking out the window to his wife outside.
- Long shot/establish shot of the singer playing a piano - creates verisimilitude
- Cuts to the couple on a speed boat - mid shots/long shots
- Changes to them eating at a table in the house. - Mid shots
- Mid shots of the 'wife' in the pool swimming.
- Lots of close ups and mid shots of the couple in bed and in the shower.
- Long shots of the couple in the pool together.
- Mid shots to close ups of the couple at dinner

Editing + Cinematography + Sound
- The music starts with instrumental
- Zoom in's very slowly to the singers face.
- The cuts are very subtle at the start but when he is performing there is a variety of shots
- Camera zooms in in quite a shaky movement.
- Camera does a 360 degree spin on the singer playing piano.
- Long shots of the couple walking towards a lake
- Ends with clips from the actual wedding day - Long to mid shot.

Star Treatment
- The singer is the main focus but so is his 'wife' who is also with him
- Lots of mid shots to close ups of the singer lip-syncing
- The couple are the main focus and there are no other characters apart from the people from the wedding.

Performance, Narrative or Concept?
- This Music Video is a performance-based video but there is also a narrative because the singer is getting married and shows the wedding. It's performance because the singer is playing piano and singing at the same time, and the meaning of the song and lyrics are more important than the video.

Representation + Audience
- John Legend is an American dark skinned male, aged 38 years old.
- Audience would be of the ages 14 to 28 years old. Both females and males.
- There aren't any parody videos but there is a video collaboration with John Legend and Lindsey Stirling who plays the violin on YouTube.

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