Saturday, 10 September 2016

Practice Video - Planning/Idea

TRACK: We Don't Talk Anymore 
ACT: Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez 
DIRECTOR: Phil Pinto 
YEAR: 2016

Group - Sophie, Bronwen and Adel and me

- Narrative and performance - As a group we have decided to create our own story as the camera work in the music video is too shaky and not a common convention. 
- Studio set up with a microphone stand and a backdrop
- costume changes throughout 
- flashbacks - photos using a Polaroid camera 
- Flashbacks filmed in town and park
- lighting would be dim? 
- using a phone to spark the flashbacks 
- Actress/Actors - Bronwen

Summary of Narrative 
- Starts with a guy in a studio singing and playing guitar in some shots 
- He gets a Instagram notification of his ex-girlfriend with another guy looking happy
- He starts to have flashbacks of the memories he had with the girl
- In the flashback, they are walking together in town having an ice cream and also taking pictures in the park with a Polaroid camera. 
- Then it goes to the girl with her new boyfriend out to dinner in the evening 
- And then it goes back to the singer with the girl who breaks up with him. 
- Then the girl starts singing while in her bedroom looking at the pictures she took of her and her ex-boyfriend.  
- During that it will show the guy singing back in the studio

 - Fade in from black 
- Close up of his face 
- Establishing shot - zooms out to a long shot 
- Cut to hands on headphones 
- Pan downwards to shoes tapping + microphone stand
- Shows cables to give some verisimilitude to the performance part 
- His phone on the music stand with sheet music - verisimilitude - showing an Instagram notification
- Picture of girl + new 'boyfriend' on phone 
- Fade/cut to him closing his eyes - extreme close up?

- Establishing shot of town 
- Low angle shot of ice cream stand 
- Couple walking together with ice cream - tilt upwards - mid shot 
- Mid shot/close up of them smiling or laughing with ice cream in hand
- Rats eye view of their feet walking in sync together down the street 

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