Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Lyric Video - Fan Interaction

For my fan interaction I will be making a simple fan lyric video where 'fans' of Justin Bieber and Skrillex and Diplo can participate in a video where they can hold lyrics to the song up and be part of the official lyric video. 

Lyric videos have become very popular today and many artists have done them using fans as to promote their song and to feature in the video. 

Here are a few examples of lyric videos with fans or the artist themselves:

This lyric video is iconic as it was the first to have the artist standing and going through the lyrics. Bob Dylan's lyric video for 'Subterranean Homesick Blues'.  

The artist Mike Posner has been inspired by Bob Dylan's video and also did the same thing with black and white filter. Song is 'I Took A Pill In Ibiza'. 

The artist Demi Lovato did a offical lyric video where she had fans of hers lip-syncing to the song and the lyrics appeared on the screen edited in. She herself also surprises her fans while they sing. 

Justin Bieber's song 'Sorry' also has a lyric video using edited lyrics onto different surfaces and photos. 
For Christina Perri's song 'I Believe' she used different pictures of fans holding lyrics up on Instagram. 

Here is a link to my playlist on my YouTube that has a collection of different types of lyric videos that I can use of inspiration for my own. 

Artist Case Study 1: Justin Bieber - Q1 to Q10

Justin Bieber is signed toDef Jam RecordingsThe Island Def Jam Music GroupIsland RecordsRBMG RecordsSchool Boy Records. These are all major labels. The Def Jam Record label have signed all of these artists below. 
The label Island Records have signed lots of artists. Here is a link to the rest of the artists that they have signed with. 

RBMG has a special profit-sharing business deal with Universal owned Def Jam Recordings. [Wiki] RBMG has Universal music   Group and Island Def Jam Music Group as its parent companies

School Boy Records also has Universal as its parent company. This label has signed on many artists including, Ariana Grande, Asher Roth, Black Eyed Peas, CL, Dan + Shay, EDEN, Hilary Duff, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Karlie Kloss, The Knocks, Lil Dicky, Martin Garrix, Moxie Raia, PSY, Rixton, Sheppard, Steve Angello, Todrick Hall, Tori Kelly, Usher, Vic Mensa, and more.

All these records have many different artists who create a variety of music. There is not any specific genre but many. There are quite a few pop artists but also bands and rappers. Justin Bieber is considered to be a global artist. He is known all around the world and has toured the US, UK and Europe . He first started out as a Pop artist and then later on changed his genre of his music to be more EDM and Contemporary R&B.  

His core target audience would be teenagers and young adults from ages 10 to 24 years old. And his secondary audience might be younger or much older people both females and males. When he first started out it, his primary audience were tween's and younger kids from 5 to 13 but then his music changed and his audience became older and his music is targeted to a wider audience. [Article about Justin Bieber's change in audience]

Most of his common themes are about his own love life. A lot of his songs are about girls and especially his Purpose album is about his break up with singer Selena Gomez. His lyrics are about love, from the song 'Let Me Love You' - 2016, he sings "Let me love you, let me love you, I won't give up na na na". 

- Justin Bieber started off in 2008 with YouTube videos of song covers.
- Usher, who is a singer, signed Justin Bieber to Def Jam Records at age 14.
- Source from Article by ABC News
- He released his debut album called 'My World' with the hit single 'One Time' at 12 on the charts.
- His next album was 'My World 2.0'  released in 2010 with the hit single 'Baby' and 'Never Say Never' released in 2011.
- His third album was called 'Believe' in 2011 with the hit single 'Boyfriend' in 2012.
- He made a collection of songs with the title 'Journal'. 2014
- Finally he came out with his 2015 album called 'Purpose'.
- He has been arrested several times for drinking while under the influence, drag racing, and other things.


Many people hated his song 'Baby'

His newer music has much more likes and less hatred then his older songs.

Branding Examples for Social Media- Justin Bieber/JackU

I have researched on branding examples of Justin Bieber and other artists and I have created different 'banner' examples that I can put on the YouTube channel and Face Book or Twitter. 

This is an example of what the banner on Justin Bieber's YT channel could look like. I also advertised the song that I chose for my Music Video. 

I made a ore simple version of a banner, I like the circles with the pictures but the layout is not as attractive to an audience. 

This is an example of branding for the DJs. I have put their names individually instead of writing JackU, as more people recognise the name Skrillex than Diplo and most people don't know who JackU is. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Audience Research - Justin Bieber 3

From recent news it seems that Justin Bieber, according to the Guardian Newspaper, wants to become a 'respected musical figure'. [Source]

Just a few days again Justin Bieber walked off the stage at a concert in Manchester to promote his album 'Purpose. He tried to talk with his fans but they screamed and he tried to get them to listen to him. With annoyance, Justin Bieber walked off the stage, with booing from fans. And then later on came back on to explain how he just wants to be respected for his music

From this recent news, I know that Justin Bieber no longer wants to be known as that teen star who's life was on show for everyone to see. He wants to be known for his music and his singing rather than who he's dating or what he's up to.  

This changes my initial audience, as I had first targeted young females from 14 to 23 years old. Then I changed to say that my audience would be males from around the same ages but it seems to be males and females who both enjoy music for music and not the drama that comes with the artist. I will keep the same male audience for Skrillex and Diplo. 

INDUSTRY: Merchandise for Justin Bieber/Skrillex+Diplo

I have some examples of different types of merchandise that singers put out for their audiences.
- CDs
- Vinyl's
- Clothing - hats, t-shirts, baby clothing, shoes,
- jewellery
- Perfume
- Badges
- Posters
- Stickers
- Phone Cases
- Comics
- Bags
- Bed Covers
- Pillowcases
- School accessories
- Mugs
- Toothbrushes
- Figurines/Dolls
- Make-up
- Masks 
- Electronics
- DVDs

Image result for jack u merch
 Here is an example of the types of clothing that Justin Bieber has for his fans. His newer merch is simple and can be worn by both males and females.  

Image result for skrillex cdImage result for justin bieber CDs 
This is an example of his newer CD that came out in 2015. Artists' also sell vinyl's of their albums.

Here are examples of phone cases with the artists' face or their symbol.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Photo Shoot #3 - Singer

While at the Philharmonie I took a wide variety of photos that I could use for my DigiPak and my social media accounts and Website. 

Here are a few examples of the photos that I took of my 'singer'.  I took photos from different angles and positions to achieve a variation of photos that I can choose from.

Location Scouting - Philharmonie

My third location was the Philharmonie which is a huge building, with office buildings around it. I chose this location because there was a lot of space and it was good for taking photos of my singer. 

Social Media + Website creations - tbc

I have made several social media accounts for my Singer and I will also be making social media accounts for my DJs as a Duo. 

Here are the links:



I have also started creating the Website but there's still a lot of work to add onto the website. 

Website  - Justin Bieber - not going to continue with this website

I have decided to make a website for the DJs - JackU instead of a website for Justin Bieber.



In this PODCAST, I talk about what I have done this week and what I'll be doing over the weekend. I will be filming on the Saturday and the Sunday with my singer using the GoPro for performance shots and getting different locations. 

Friday, 21 October 2016

Sample Scene #2

I have made another Sample Scene with some performance from my singer. I have experimented with the speed of clips and how I should edit the beat to the visuals. 

There is still lots of more scenes of the DJs and the 'fans' to put in and also the location of the Grund and Philharmonie for the singer. 

Production Schedule 3

Saturday 22nd October - Film in the Philharmonie with the singer lip-syncing and performing using the GoPro. 

Sunday 23rd October - Film the singer in the Grund in town lip-syncing and performing. 

Monday 24th October Edit/Film the DJ at the Skate Park? 

Tuesday 25th October - Film at school - 'fans' of Justin Bieber - holding up lyrics 

Wednesday 26th October - Edit 

Thursday 27th October - Film at school - 'fans' of Justin Bieber - holding up lyrics 

Friday 28th October Edit 

I will be filming over the weekend with my singer and then the next week I will be filming 'fans' of Justin Bieber in school with kids holding up a sign with the lyrics on. I might also add the JackU symbol to the sign so that the DJs are acknowledged as well. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Vodcast - Audience Research

I have made a short VODCAST on audience research, where I talk about my initial target audience and how that has changed since my questionnaire results. I have also talked about the primary and secondary audiences and research that I put out. And I have finally concluded my results although I still have to record the results from my video quizzes.  

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Audience Research 2 - Skrillex and Diplo

Jack U 

Question 1: Do you know who Skrillex is? _____________

Question 2: Have you listened to any of his music before?_____________________________________________

Question 3: Can you name one of his songs? ____________________________________

Question 4: Do you know what type of music he makes? ____________________________________________

Question 5: Do you like Skrillex?        Yes or No 

Question 6: Do you know who Diplo is?   Yes or No

Question 7: If you do or do not know Diplo, why?, where have you heard of him?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Question 8: What is Skrillex and Diplo's duo name? _______________________________________________

Question 9: Do you know any of these songs?(Circle your choice)

'Cold Water'      'Lean On'           'Where Are U Now' 
Justin Bieber, MO    Major Lazer, MO        Skrillex+Diplo and 
                                                                     Justin Bieber 
and Major Lazer      DJ Snake 

Question 10: What would you expect from a Music Video by Skrillex and Diplo? 


Results from Quiz/Questionnaire
Females: 3
Males: 3 
12 to 14: 1
15 to 17: 4
18 to 20: 1
Q1: All of them knew the name of the artist 
Q2: All of them have listened to his music before
Q3: Only 4 out of the 6 could name one of his songs
Q4: Most people said electronic 
Q5: Only 5 of the 6 liked Skrillex's music while 1 did not like his music
Q6: Only 3 out of the 6 knew who Diplo was 
Q7: Most people said they had not heard of his name, some answered that they have heard his music before on YouTube.
Q8: 4 out of the 6 did not know the name of the Duo. 
Q9: All of them knew at least two of the songs shown
Q10: A variety of answers: crazy dancing, neon lights, abstract art, DJ mixing music, videos of past concerts, women being objectified, fast-paced. 

I have made a online quiz/questionnaire for the public as my Secondary audience research. This is a simple quiz which will help me to find out who knows this artist and if any one likes his music.

I have also made a video quiz which I will be recording the results

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Audience Research 1 - Justin Bieber

For my Secondary audience research I have made two different quizzes on about Justin Bieber. The first quiz about the album is targeted at females while the other quiz is for both males and females. 

General Quiz - For my primary audience research
Question 1: How did Justin Bieber get famous? ______________________________________
Question 2: What is his most hated song by everyone? _______________________________
Question 3: Which female singer was he going out with in 2011 till 2014? ________________
Question 4: What did Justin Bieber do to get arrested in 2014?_________________________
Question 5: How many of his songs do you know? ________________________________

Q1: He got his fame by making covers on YouTube
Q2:'Baby' - made in 2010 -  received 1B views on YouTube  
Q3: Selena Gomez - Disney channel star
Q4: He got charged for DUI - drinking while under the influence of alcohol 
Q5: All, some, a few, not that many, only 1or 2, none.

Results for Quiz/Questionnaire 
Females: 4 
Males: 2 
12 to 14: 2
15 to 17: 3
18 to 23: 1
Q1: All of them answered correctly 
Q2: All of them answered correctly 
Q3: Most of them knew the answer, only 1 of the males did not know the answer
Q4: Only 2 people out of the 6 knew the answer, many put drugs as the answer
Q5: All of them knew at least 2 or more of his songs
From these results I can conclude that everyone knew basic facts about Justin Bieber and that mostly a female audience knew more songs of his, signifying that they have listened to his music before. 

Video Quiz 
I have made a video quiz that will also help me to find out who are my audience that I need to be targeting. I will be showing this to different age groups and recording the results. 

Results from Video Quiz 

Sample Scene #1

I have made a sample scene of what my music video might be like. I have some lip-syncing from the forest location which have been edited between shots of the couple. I obviously still have a lot of blank spaces to fill with more performing.
I have not yet filmed any footage of the DJ as I have been concentrating on the 'couple' for my narrative.


The DJ will be featured in my next sample scene or rough cut. I will be filming today again and getting in footage of my singer performing in front of the skate park setting.
I have not added any layering or any filters as it is only a rough sample.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Production Schedule 2

There are a few slight changes with this production schedule as I have added in things or taken things out which either I have done already or that will be done another day. 

Monday 17th October Edit/ Film with 'couple' in park walking around and having fun on the swings.  DONE! 
Tuesday 18th October - Film at the Skate Park with the singer - lip-syncing and performing - using the GoPro 
Wednesday 19th October - Edit 
Thursday 20th October - Film in the Skate park with the singer - more lip-syncing and performing using the GoPro 
Friday 21st October Edit/Sample scene ready for showing to class/Film in the Skate Park with the singer lip-syncing and performing

Saturday 22nd October - Film in the Philharmonie with the singer lip-syncing 
Sunday 23rd October - Film the narrative scenes with the 'couple' - park/Make an updated PODCAST/Film the singer in the Grund in town. 

Monday 24th October Edit/Film the DJ at the Skate Park 
Tuesday 25th October - Film at school - 'fans' of Justin Bieber - holding up lyrics 
Wednesday 26th October - Edit 
Thursday 27th October - Film at school - 'fans' of Justin Bieber - holding up lyrics 
Friday 28th October Edit 

EDM EG11 - Skrillex and Diplo ft Kai - Mind

ACT: Skrillex and Diplo ft Kai 
DIRECTOR: Liam Underwood 
YEAR: 2016

General Analysis
- Starts with an establishing shot of a country 
- Looks like the group 'Jack U' are on tour and exploring the country they are performing in. 
- Has lots of behind the scenes shots of the DJs together walking around 
- Has shots of Kai and Skrillex together in a close up to mid shot. 
- Scenes of their live performance is cut between the singer singing and also shots of the culture of the country they are in. 
- Skrillex and Kai are singing together while Diplo is dancing around and DJ ing to the singers. 
- Lots of silly scenes of the three together handing out. 
- At the 'chorus' of the song there is a lot of dancing and live performance footage with shots of the concert hall and dancers and the artist's performing. 
- Use of slow motion for some shots 
- Editing is very fast paced and cuts rapidly to different locations and different angles. 
- A wide variety of camera shots and movements are used 
- Editing is slow paced when Kai is singing and there is more use of slow motion. 
- Shows the artist's interacting with their audience during performances. 

Male Gaze 
- The featured singer Kai is a woman, she is slim and attractive. A feminist would not be keen on having a slim body as they would think that everybody shape is good. 
- She doesn't wear anything too revealing so the male gaze would not apply to this singer but there are other women dancing to the song wearing revealing clothing which will attract a male audience

- It's normal for women to wear makeup - female singer wears red lipstick which signifies love. 
- The female singer has a piercing which signifies a more edgy look. 
- It is counter-hegemonic for men to have long hair - Skrillex has long hair which is seen as strange but also becoming normative in today's society for men to have long hair. 
- used to be counter-hegemonic for men to have their ears pierced but nowadays its considered normal. 
- Considered normal for women to be dancing around while the men DJ
- Normal for the female singer to have her hair long. 

Stuart Hall 
- Believes that people read or interpret the media differently 
- A passive audience might not be able to understand what the song is about 
- An active audience would understand that the singers are talking about love. 

Andrew Goodwin 
- Made a theory that all music videos have 7 conventions that the music industry follow
- This music video is a performance and concept based video 
- The two artist's are singing live in front of a huge audience but their's a track over the video to mute out any sound from the crowd. 
- Lots of verisimilitude created since they are all on tour together and giving live performances, with DJ set up and microphones. 
- Editing is fast-paced for some parts and then there's use of slow motion effect.  
- Intertextuality of the 'Sharks' from Katy Perry's live performance. 

Photo Shoot #2 - Singer

While I was location scouting I took several photos that I could use for my Digipak and Website. For my Digipak, I was going to collage several photos of the singer and DJ posing.

directed my 'singer' to pose in a natural way so that it looked like the singer was just going out for a walk.

I like these photos because they show a more serious expression and I can collage it with other photos of the Singer on the front cover of the Digipak or the lyric booklet part.  

I also got my 'singer' to crouch again so that I could experiment with the scenery around and exploring different ways that I could layer photos on top of this one.
I like this pose a lot as it gives some mystery to the singer and doesn't give away too much. I also like that the pose is slightly to the side so that the singer isn't following the Rule Of Thirds as he is slightly off the center.