Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Audience Research 1 - Justin Bieber

For my Secondary audience research I have made two different quizzes on Quotev.com about Justin Bieber. The first quiz about the album is targeted at females while the other quiz is for both males and females. 

General Quiz - For my primary audience research
Question 1: How did Justin Bieber get famous? ______________________________________
Question 2: What is his most hated song by everyone? _______________________________
Question 3: Which female singer was he going out with in 2011 till 2014? ________________
Question 4: What did Justin Bieber do to get arrested in 2014?_________________________
Question 5: How many of his songs do you know? ________________________________

Q1: He got his fame by making covers on YouTube
Q2:'Baby' - made in 2010 -  received 1B views on YouTube  
Q3: Selena Gomez - Disney channel star
Q4: He got charged for DUI - drinking while under the influence of alcohol 
Q5: All, some, a few, not that many, only 1or 2, none.

Results for Quiz/Questionnaire 
Females: 4 
Males: 2 
12 to 14: 2
15 to 17: 3
18 to 23: 1
Q1: All of them answered correctly 
Q2: All of them answered correctly 
Q3: Most of them knew the answer, only 1 of the males did not know the answer
Q4: Only 2 people out of the 6 knew the answer, many put drugs as the answer
Q5: All of them knew at least 2 or more of his songs
From these results I can conclude that everyone knew basic facts about Justin Bieber and that mostly a female audience knew more songs of his, signifying that they have listened to his music before. 

Video Quiz 
I have made a video quiz that will also help me to find out who are my audience that I need to be targeting. I will be showing this to different age groups and recording the results. 

Results from Video Quiz 

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