Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Audience Research 2 - Skrillex and Diplo

Jack U 

Question 1: Do you know who Skrillex is? _____________

Question 2: Have you listened to any of his music before?_____________________________________________

Question 3: Can you name one of his songs? ____________________________________

Question 4: Do you know what type of music he makes? ____________________________________________

Question 5: Do you like Skrillex?        Yes or No 

Question 6: Do you know who Diplo is?   Yes or No

Question 7: If you do or do not know Diplo, why?, where have you heard of him?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Question 8: What is Skrillex and Diplo's duo name? _______________________________________________

Question 9: Do you know any of these songs?(Circle your choice)

'Cold Water'      'Lean On'           'Where Are U Now' 
Justin Bieber, MO    Major Lazer, MO        Skrillex+Diplo and 
                                                                     Justin Bieber 
and Major Lazer      DJ Snake 

Question 10: What would you expect from a Music Video by Skrillex and Diplo? 


Results from Quiz/Questionnaire
Females: 3
Males: 3 
12 to 14: 1
15 to 17: 4
18 to 20: 1
Q1: All of them knew the name of the artist 
Q2: All of them have listened to his music before
Q3: Only 4 out of the 6 could name one of his songs
Q4: Most people said electronic 
Q5: Only 5 of the 6 liked Skrillex's music while 1 did not like his music
Q6: Only 3 out of the 6 knew who Diplo was 
Q7: Most people said they had not heard of his name, some answered that they have heard his music before on YouTube.
Q8: 4 out of the 6 did not know the name of the Duo. 
Q9: All of them knew at least two of the songs shown
Q10: A variety of answers: crazy dancing, neon lights, abstract art, DJ mixing music, videos of past concerts, women being objectified, fast-paced. 

I have made a online quiz/questionnaire for the public as my Secondary audience research. This is a simple quiz which will help me to find out who knows this artist and if any one likes his music.

I have also made a video quiz which I will be recording the results

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