Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Audience Research - Justin Bieber 3

From recent news it seems that Justin Bieber, according to the Guardian Newspaper, wants to become a 'respected musical figure'. [Source]

Just a few days again Justin Bieber walked off the stage at a concert in Manchester to promote his album 'Purpose. He tried to talk with his fans but they screamed and he tried to get them to listen to him. With annoyance, Justin Bieber walked off the stage, with booing from fans. And then later on came back on to explain how he just wants to be respected for his music

From this recent news, I know that Justin Bieber no longer wants to be known as that teen star who's life was on show for everyone to see. He wants to be known for his music and his singing rather than who he's dating or what he's up to.  

This changes my initial audience, as I had first targeted young females from 14 to 23 years old. Then I changed to say that my audience would be males from around the same ages but it seems to be males and females who both enjoy music for music and not the drama that comes with the artist. I will keep the same male audience for Skrillex and Diplo. 

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