Sunday, 2 October 2016

Genre Specfic MV10 - Zedd ft Selena Gomez - I Want You To Know

- Fast paced editing with a variety of shots

ACT: Zedd ft Selena Gomez 
TRACK: I Want You To Know 
GENRE: EDM, electropop,
DIRECTOR: Brent Bonacorso
YEAR: 2015

Zedd is a Russian-German Grammy Award winning record producer, DJ and musician. [Wiki]

Mise-en-scene + Locations 
- Starts off in a club with Selena walking into the club. - Behind-the-shoulder shot
- Tracking shot of Selena walking further into the club. 
- Some panning used as well 
- Some cuts of Selena dancing - mid shot to close ups 
Verisimilitude is created by other people in the club dancing and lots of flashing lights 
- Zedd is shown as a hologram in the club
- Lots of dancing 
- Selena changes outfits - revealing more skin - objectification of the female body

Editing + Cinematography + Sound 
- Starts with the name of both artists and the name of the song, in a 70's type of font
- Music starts straight away - non diegetic 
- Lots of cuts of Selena dancing in the club. 
- Singer is lip-syncing to the song while in the club 
- Shows the singer dancing in the middle of the dance floor - male gaze - center of attention. 
- Cuts to Zedd with bright lighting from behind - close up 
- Cuts to the two facing each other - close up 
- Lots of edited effects with shapes 
- Fast-paced editing to the beat of the song 

Star Treatment 
- Notions of looking - Selena looks at herself in the mirror several times 
- Both Zedd and Selena feature in the music video.
- Most of the focus is on Selena and her dancing and singing 
- Zedd features as part of the narrative and male gaze

Performance, Narrative or Concept? 
- This music video is a narrative and performance-based video. It shows Selena Gomez lip-syncing and dancing. While Zedd is watching her creating a sort of narrative between the two artists'. 

Representation + Audience
- Zedd is a Causasian male, aged 27 and Selena Gomez is a Hispanic female, aged 24.
- Zedd represents the males and how they are attracted to females whereas Selena Gomez is seen as a role model for younger girls between the ages 10 to 14. 
Audience would be between the ages 14 to 23 years old. Both males and females

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