Monday, 17 October 2016

EDM EG11 - Skrillex and Diplo ft Kai - Mind

ACT: Skrillex and Diplo ft Kai 
DIRECTOR: Liam Underwood 
YEAR: 2016

General Analysis
- Starts with an establishing shot of a country 
- Looks like the group 'Jack U' are on tour and exploring the country they are performing in. 
- Has lots of behind the scenes shots of the DJs together walking around 
- Has shots of Kai and Skrillex together in a close up to mid shot. 
- Scenes of their live performance is cut between the singer singing and also shots of the culture of the country they are in. 
- Skrillex and Kai are singing together while Diplo is dancing around and DJ ing to the singers. 
- Lots of silly scenes of the three together handing out. 
- At the 'chorus' of the song there is a lot of dancing and live performance footage with shots of the concert hall and dancers and the artist's performing. 
- Use of slow motion for some shots 
- Editing is very fast paced and cuts rapidly to different locations and different angles. 
- A wide variety of camera shots and movements are used 
- Editing is slow paced when Kai is singing and there is more use of slow motion. 
- Shows the artist's interacting with their audience during performances. 

Male Gaze 
- The featured singer Kai is a woman, she is slim and attractive. A feminist would not be keen on having a slim body as they would think that everybody shape is good. 
- She doesn't wear anything too revealing so the male gaze would not apply to this singer but there are other women dancing to the song wearing revealing clothing which will attract a male audience

- It's normal for women to wear makeup - female singer wears red lipstick which signifies love. 
- The female singer has a piercing which signifies a more edgy look. 
- It is counter-hegemonic for men to have long hair - Skrillex has long hair which is seen as strange but also becoming normative in today's society for men to have long hair. 
- used to be counter-hegemonic for men to have their ears pierced but nowadays its considered normal. 
- Considered normal for women to be dancing around while the men DJ
- Normal for the female singer to have her hair long. 

Stuart Hall 
- Believes that people read or interpret the media differently 
- A passive audience might not be able to understand what the song is about 
- An active audience would understand that the singers are talking about love. 

Andrew Goodwin 
- Made a theory that all music videos have 7 conventions that the music industry follow
- This music video is a performance and concept based video 
- The two artist's are singing live in front of a huge audience but their's a track over the video to mute out any sound from the crowd. 
- Lots of verisimilitude created since they are all on tour together and giving live performances, with DJ set up and microphones. 
- Editing is fast-paced for some parts and then there's use of slow motion effect.  
- Intertextuality of the 'Sharks' from Katy Perry's live performance. 

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  1. post title: EDM EG1:...
    same for the others
    you are marked on how you've APPLIED research, so go back through and add near the top of such posts a sub-heading like POSSIBLE INFLUENCES ON MY WORK
    S Hall section needs work: he argued we can't assume audiences are passive, therefore he created his reception theory (readings...). Be clearer, and give specific examples - intertextuality is a good way into this
    male gaze - name the theorist, use the term feminist. by using a slim, conventionally attractive female are they not exploiting this? Detail: think about her lips. Dancers - screenshot or gif/vine would be useful; denote the dancing style itself.
    Slo-mo is the feature that strikes me instantly.


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