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MVidEG11 Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

ACT: Miley Cyrus 
TRACK: Wrecking Ball 
DIRECTOR: Terry Richardson 
YEAR: 2013

Wrecking Ball is a song by singer Miley Cyrus. The song is about a relationship that went badly. "Wrecking Ball" received generally favorable reviews from music critics, who appreciated its lyrical content and overall production. There are some reminiscent scenes inspired by the song 'Nothing Compares To You' from the artist Sinead O'Connor. 
The music video received generally mixed reviews from critics, who were divided in their opinions regarding Cyrus' increasingly provocative image. Critics were divided in their opinions of the music video, feeling that it was more provocative than the clip for her previous single "We Can't Stop" .[Wiki

Feminists would be quite angry at the provocative video that Miley Cyrus has put out and even disgusted that the Director would want this. Using Stuart Halls theory we can say that these feminists would not read the video as a 'preferred reading'. 

Feminist vs. A Post Feminist - A feminist would see this video and be disgusted but a post feminist would think that 'Miley Cyrus' is breaking out of her 'shell' and showing that she is in control and confident. Lots of artists would say that they are in control of their image like Lady Gaga or Madonna. Miley Cyrus herself would say that she is a post feminist as she is showing her body to the world and showing that she is bold. 

Sinead O'Connor was the inspiration for 'Wrecking Ball' - Miley Cyrus intertextualised the music video. Baudrillard who argues that there is a term called 'simulacra' which means a signifier of an existing signifier in an endless chain of signification with no ultimate reality behind it. Miley has short hair is unconventional and going around nude is 'radical'. Miley herself says she is 'gender fluid' which shows that she does not label herself as either bisexual or gay. 

Normative and Hegemony - Antonio Gramsci 
- Normative/ity - is when a person is exposed to a certain image over and over again until it becomes normal. 
- Hegemony - an idea can become hegemonic 
- If a girl is wearing a skirt she is being hegemonic but if a boy is wearing a skirt that is counter-hegemonic. It is becoming hegemonic that the Government is allowed to snoop into peoples documents and phone calls. 

Propaganda Model 
FlakThe fourth filter is 'flak', described by Herman and Chomsky as 'negative responses to a media statement or [TV or radio] program. 
5 Filters - Ownership of the medium, Advertising, Sourcing, Flak and Anti-communism and Fear. 
Noam Chomsky 
Edward Snowden - Released lots of documents from the Government that everyone could see. 
Commutation Test - If you take an image and flip what is happening, would it mean the same? - In the music video Cyrus is crying and as she is a woman that would be normal but if it was flipped and it was a man crying that would be strange to an audience as men are seen as having no feelings. 

Caroline Vernallis - Musicologist - in the music video the 'drop' in the track is not matched to the beat. Slight recognition of the beat near the end.
Masculine signifiers - she is toned and had tattoos, also she is wearing a white top that signifies a male but also the vest is cropped making it more feminine  Her armpits are shaved which is normative
- She is not wearing bra as her top is slightly see-through.  
- Looks slightly aggressive - stiff body language 
- Polysemic - several different readings on the video 
- Direct gaze - engaging with the fans - could be conveyed in more sexual
Freud - the sledge hammer is signified as something 'rude'. 

- Intertextualises the singer Sinead O'Connor who had her hair very short. 
- A parody of the song was done by Steve Kardynal who made his own wrecking ball and went onto chat roulette to entertain people. 
- Many people have used this video to make their own parodies. For example the famous YouTuber Bart Baker made a parody of the music video dressed as Miley Cyrus. 

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