Monday, 17 October 2016

Photo Shoot #2 - Singer

While I was location scouting I took several photos that I could use for my Digipak and Website. For my Digipak, I was going to collage several photos of the singer and DJ posing.

directed my 'singer' to pose in a natural way so that it looked like the singer was just going out for a walk.

I like these photos because they show a more serious expression and I can collage it with other photos of the Singer on the front cover of the Digipak or the lyric booklet part.  

I also got my 'singer' to crouch again so that I could experiment with the scenery around and exploring different ways that I could layer photos on top of this one.
I like this pose a lot as it gives some mystery to the singer and doesn't give away too much. I also like that the pose is slightly to the side so that the singer isn't following the Rule Of Thirds as he is slightly off the center.

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  1. sitting in a tree and looking at the camera (direct gaze as audience engagement) could be worth trying too
    try to gather 'casual' 'behind-the-scenes' photos as you shoot, to use with website and as social media content, possibly digipak too


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