Friday, 14 October 2016

PhotoShoot #1 - Singer

While I was location scouting in the skate park I took photos of my singer posing against a graffiti wall. On the pictures you can also see the outfit that he is wearing which is what I want my singer to wear while performing but also there will be costume changes throughout the whole music video. These photos I have taken will be useful for my Digipark and Website.
I like the pose and the angle that I took the photo from but I think the wall could be brighter so I moved my Singer to a different wall that was much brighter and that stood out more.
This photo is good as it's a much brighter wall and stands out a lot. Also the pose looks slightly natural which is good and something that JB himself and other male models do.
This photo is one that I like a lot as this could be a possible picture for my digipak or even for the website.
This pose is good but I think that I could've cropped the bottom of the photo so that its a complete medium shot. I got my Singer to wear a snapback to see what it would look like in the photos but I think it will look better for the dancing scenes then in the actual photos.
 For the crouched pose I took lots of different shots, I wanted the photo to look good and got my Singer to slightly change his eye movement and his head position. I think these came out really good and I can easily choose anyone of these for the cover of the album or the website.

For these poses I was experimenting with the different angles and the different poses that might be used for the collage of images.

These are some more photos I took which I put in black and white to see what it looks like. Many examples of the branding I have looked at, have the artist in black and white filter.

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