Friday, 14 October 2016

Poster/Advert for Concert - Prop

For the narrative, I'm having the couple walking around different places and then the girl will see a poster of her ex Justin Bieber who is having a concert and she looks at the poster and then the poster will be layered over some filming of the singer dancing and him in the location of where the poster was taken.

I have made several examples of concert posters using different fonts and colours. I will be updating this post throughout my production work.
I used several different fonts for this poster because it looked better than using the same out throughout.

I like these two fonts because they look like a brush stroke using black paint. In the music video, there is a more artsy side to Justin shown.

This is another example of what the poster could look like. I like this one a lot because of the fonts used for the tour dates seem to work better with the bright coloured background. There is a coloured contrast between the bright graffiti wall and the yellow and black text.

This poster isn't as convincing as they others. The font looks bad but the font for the information is a good one and the type writer font for the different tour dates are also good. 

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