Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Practice Video - Final Outcome + Feedback

This is our Final outcome for our Practice video. Working with Bronwen, Sophie, Adel and I, we were able to create a practice music video that had the conventions of a MV. 

What I've Learnt 
- Production Schedule - keeping to the schedule and what we were going to do
- Being proactive 
- Variety of camera movements/shots
- Cast - making sure our cast had time to prepare the role
- Costumes - make sure to prepare costumes before filming

- Framing - rule of thirds - character in the right of the frame should be in the middle
- Track - cut to a beat for some scenes 
- Camera shaky in some shots 
- Field of focus - tighter focus on faces 
- Vary the shots of the performer 
- Characters walking off frame - linking into the next shot
- Colour correction for the studio scenes
- Key framing - creating a fade in or out - moving an object around the frame 
- Lip-syncing was a bit out of sync to the track
- Focus bump is subtly visible 
- Major variations of the speed and pace for editing
- Consider variation and pace - Caroline Vernallis 
- Lyrical cues might have helped 

Good Points 
- Focus pull- experimentation with the focus, also good effect to use for certain scenes 
- Lighting for the studio gave off a warm tone
- Actor looks very convincing - has hand on headphones and moves to the rhythm of the song
- Lip-syncing is quite good some faults but overall very good
- Some counter-typing which can be nor good or bad but shows that the female is in control

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