Friday, 7 October 2016

Production Schedule 1

Saturday 8th October - Casting
Sunday 9th October - Casting 

Monday 10th October - Casting 
Tuesday 11th October - Film a time lapse of the view from office building 
Wednesday 12th October - Edit 
Thursday 13th October - Photo Shoot in the Skate Park
Friday 14th October - Edit - PODCAST #2

Saturday 15th October - Film in the Dunes with the singer 
Sunday 16th October - Film in the Dunes with the singer/Make an updated PODCAST

Monday 17th October - Edit/ Film with 'couple' in park
Tuesday 18th OctoberFilm at the Philharmonie - dancing with the singer 
Wednesday 19th October - Edit 
Thursday 20th OctoberFilm in the Skate park with the 'Skrillex' character/Film some narrative? 
Friday 21st October - Edit/Sample scene ready for showing to class 

Saturday 22nd October - Film in the Grund with the singer lip-syncing 
Sunday 23rd October - Film the narrative scenes with the 'couple' - park/Make an updated PODCAST

Monday 24th October - Edit 
Tuesday 25th October - Film at school - 'fans' of Justin Bieber 
Wednesday 26th October - Edit 
Thursday 27th October - Film at school - 'fans' of Justin Bieber 
Friday 28th October - Edit 

Saturday 29th October - Film scenes of 'couple' in town walking and looking at shops, going into Cafe. 
Sunday 30th October - Film scenes of the 'couple' in town/Grund going down elevator and ending scene with poster./ Make an updated PODCAST

Monday 31st October - Edit 
Tuesday 1st November - Film any missing scenes 
Wednesday 2nd November - Edit 
Thursday 3rd November - Film any missing scenes 
Friday 4th November - Edit/Show a preview 

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