Friday, 21 October 2016

Production Schedule 3

Saturday 22nd October - Film in the Philharmonie with the singer lip-syncing and performing using the GoPro. 

Sunday 23rd October - Film the singer in the Grund in town lip-syncing and performing. 

Monday 24th October Edit/Film the DJ at the Skate Park? 

Tuesday 25th October - Film at school - 'fans' of Justin Bieber - holding up lyrics 

Wednesday 26th October - Edit 

Thursday 27th October - Film at school - 'fans' of Justin Bieber - holding up lyrics 

Friday 28th October Edit 

I will be filming over the weekend with my singer and then the next week I will be filming 'fans' of Justin Bieber in school with kids holding up a sign with the lyrics on. I might also add the JackU symbol to the sign so that the DJs are acknowledged as well. 

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