Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Sample Scene #1

I have made a sample scene of what my music video might be like. I have some lip-syncing from the forest location which have been edited between shots of the couple. I obviously still have a lot of blank spaces to fill with more performing.
I have not yet filmed any footage of the DJ as I have been concentrating on the 'couple' for my narrative.


The DJ will be featured in my next sample scene or rough cut. I will be filming today again and getting in footage of my singer performing in front of the skate park setting.
I have not added any layering or any filters as it is only a rough sample.

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  1. - for an ECU, the synching has to be extremely accurate
    - make sure for real shoot there is zero unplanned camera shake
    - for any planned use of zoom, always shoot it without first so you've got usable footage if, as will often be the case, the zooming effect does not look good
    - the initial clips of the couple give the impression more of friends than romance; you need to consider this carefully
    - when filming today, shot variety is still important even for sample footage; this will give you a better chance of judging what is/n't working well, and you'll be better able to seek audience feedback


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