Saturday, 8 October 2016

Theory - Richard Dyer - Star Theory

Richard Dyer 

Richard Dyer is a theorist who believes that 'Stars' are constructed to represent 'real people' and experience 'real emotions'. He also says that "Stars are commodities produced and consumed on the strength of their meaning". I can use his theory for my artist Justin Bieber who is a 'Pop star' known for his early song 'Baby' which got millions of views. 

The Star as a construction
He is seen as a manufactured person who is not actually 'real'. Apparently he is made by his music label and is constructed through music videos, magazines and social media. Richard dyer is suggesting that these 'Stars' are not like who we think they are but that they have a different persona when no one is watching them.    

The Star as a Commodity 
When talking about a 'star' as a commodity it is all about the music company/record label and how they use the 'star' for profit only. They sell merchandise from clothing to posters to even school supplies. These 'companies' are hooked on this pattern of making the same type of 'band' or 'singer' which will trend and then become a headline on news. An example of this could be when Justin Bieber showed himself naked from behind on his Instagram and that got everyone's attention but that is maybe not what he would normally do as a person but told to do for more attraction of fans.  

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