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TREATMENT - Skrillex and Diplo ft Justin Bieber - 'Where Are U Now'

The Group
I will be working solo for my Music Video. I have not yet created a logo for my branding, but I have looked at many examples in another post.

The Brief 
- I will be producing a whole promotional package which includes a Music Video for the artist of Justin Bieber with the single 'Where Are U Now' album, a fresh new Website with social interaction and social media links, and a Digipak design (posed photo of the 'singer' on the front cover with lots of colour in the background). 

- The synopsis for my Music Video is about the singer Justin Bieber singing about his 'ex girlfriend'. She has moved on with her life and has a new boyfriend. The singer feels a certain jealousy towards this new boyfriend and the mood for his scenes are quite dark. There will also be the DJ Skrillex who performs as well as Justin Bieber. I will be adding in 'fans' who can either dance to the song or even hold up a sign with the lyrics. The narrative is about the girlfriend seeing a poster that comes to life of her ex-boyfriend and then the narrative is left open as to whether or not she still have 'feelings' for Justin Bieber. 

Inspired By 
I was inspired by Coldplay's Music Video 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' as this video uses a lot of colour and have use of the lyrics of the song which I was maybe thinking of adding in for certain parts. 

I was inspired by this video by Sigala which has the use of coloured flares and skateboards and lots of dance moves. 

I was also inspired by different videos on dance routines for the song 'Where Are U Now'. For example, the dance routine by Youtuber and Choreographer Matt Steffanina.   

The last video that inspired me for the dancing was from Justin Bieber's actual performance live which has a few dance moves that I will take from it to use. 

Target Audience 
- Target audience would be females mostly aged 14 to 23. Female audience will want to watch this video because of the female gaze
- Secondary audience would be males mostly aged 14 to 20. A Male audience would watch this to get information about the style from the singer and to identify with the singer. (Uses and Gratifications theory)
- I will use social media so that the 'fans' can interact with the 'star' and have fan-made videos to show the audience that this 'star' has a big fan base

Genre Links
- EDM - Electronic Dance Music
- Elements of Bhanghra and Tropical House 
- Clothing is mostly jeans and t-shirts with jackets and snapbacks. Wearing sports shoes. 
- Hair is long in the middle and short on the sides 
- Body language is usually very expressive
- Theorist Dick Hebdige would argue that there are different subcultures that go with a certain individual style. He also says that style is constructed through the combination of clothing, music and dance and makeup. [Wiki]


- girl is wearing blue or black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and a bomber jacket with a handbag and boots. For the makeup, the girl will be wearing a dark red eyeshadow to show that she is being normative by wearing makeup. 

- Boyfriend is wearing blue or black jeans a grey t-shirt and a red hoodie with a bomber jacket or leather coat and sneakers preferably Nike or Adidas for product placement.he will also be wearing a beanie hat in grey or black.   

- DJ is wearing black jeans and a band tee with sneakers of Nike or Adidas, Beats headphones and glasses. 
- JB character is wearing long t-shirts either beige or black with a black hoodie and a coat with ripped jeans and Nike/Adidas sneakers. 

- Keyboard, mixer 
- Coloured flare 
- Headphones
- Glasses 
- GoPro 
- Camera and Tripod 
- Skateboard 
- Skate park - very urban and deserted looking. For the DJ and Singer performing
- Town/Grund - very busy and has lots of good places where its dark and deserted for the Singer and maybe the couple in town to show them in a different location.
- Philharmonie - great for performing in front of, looks very modern and lots of space
- Park Merl - filming the couple in the park going around and having a good time.

Digipak Design 
- For my digipak design I was thinking of having a photo that I take of my singer in front of the graffiti wall in the skate park in a crouched position. I was also thinking of also putting in photos of the DJ Skrillex in the front cover as he's his song and to credit him as well. I might collage photos of the Skrillex and JB on the cover each posing
- I have thought about the font design and might have it with a bubbly type of font like they use for Justin Bieber's lyric video. With a yellow colour or white colour to stand out against the graffiti. 
- I was also thinking of having a photos of collaged images of my singer and some fans and then the bright font over the top as well or maybe for the inside cover with the lyrics. 

Cast + Crew Needed 
- Cast is made up of my brother, a girl and two other boys 
- Camera woman - me 
- Prop provider - me and also using the teacher's GoPro 
- Make-up - for the girl will be done by the girl herself using a red palette or dark brown palette, I can provide the makeup, otherwise any other makeup used for the singer or DJ will be done by me. (Drawing tattoos or using temporary tattoos for both the DJ and singer). 
- Keyboard mixer/DJ 'set up' - Boy character 
- Costumes - cast will be told what to wear and they can find something as close to what I need them to look like. 
- I have not yet done casting auditions as the people I have chosen are ones i know will be suited for the role. 

Contact Details 
- I can contact my 'cast' through Facebook and they have my emails if needed. I have also given them my phone number so that they can easily get in touch with me at a moments notice. 

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  1. AUD: actually namecheck U+G (put it in brackets), make sure you're credited with specific theory - always a good idea; eg: the 'preferred reading' (Stuart Hall's reception theory)
    INFLUENCES: try to include gifs in SOME posts, not always/just the full video. Jonny has done some good egs of this.
    COSTUME: "girl is wearing jeans, t-shirt and a coat with a handbag and boots." You've got to be MUCH more specific: blazer, duffel coat...? Blue, black, pink, ripped, flared, baggy, skinny jeans????
    Don't confuse props (keyboard) + equipment (GoPro)
    Locations - use more than slide to illustrate. You could set up a placeholder post now on LOCATION SCOUTING (numbered if more than 1 post/scouting), link it here. Explain WHY; WHAT makes these good locations?
    Font: search and download truetype fonts at home; I need to request any font being added here
    Big point: isn't this originally a Skrillex project, with various singers, eg JB? You've got to give full billing (including cover art) to Skrillex. (Diplo?)
    Make-up - it MUST be clear you have provided very specific guidelines on what you require, including pics to compare to. Ideally film this, with your directing/producing made very clear. Perf could setup a cam and film too so long as she evidences working off material you've given her (pics etc)
    Cast: auditions?
    Dance a key element, and generally the body language/movement of both Skr/JB, need to address this.

    The points above should impact on what you've (not) included in your production schedule: choreography takes time, so does the costume/make-up design [ie, BEFORE the shoot, planning it, justifying it, checking you've got the materials needed] etc. Add PRODUCTION SCHEDULE UPDATE1 post, and hyperlink in this post.

    General blog: you must use the standard dark blue for hyperlinks, that pale blue is too hard to read. Move the label cloud to just below ABOUT ME


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