Wednesday, 5 October 2016

VODCAST on Pitch - Music Video

In my pitch I will be talking about the artist that I will be using and how I will make my music video looking into mise-en-scene, locations, costumes and props.
I have considered different scenarios for my narrative and have decided to have 'couple' to act together. I'll also be including dancing based on dance routines on YouTube. And adding in a character to play as 'Skrillex'.   

I have presented my Pitch in class using a Power Point presentation that I have uploaded on my YouTube channel. And I have made a VODCAST on my Pitch and adding in more detail to the costumes, props and the narrative.

- Clearer on the narrative
- Adding in Skrillex
- Using the public to interact with the singer - maybe as fans of Justin Bieber 
- Getting shots of skateboarders in the Skate park
- Using a better camera 
- Tone, mood of the music video? - dark for JB and lighter for the 'couple' 
- Dancing choreographed - using other music videos as inspiration 
- More locations for the 'couple' scenes 
- Justin Bieber shows quite a lot of skin - maybe incorporate that into the video 
- Add in different lighting - dim lighting for JB and bright lighting for the 'couple'. 

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