Monday, 7 November 2016

Artist Case Study 1: Justin Bieber Q11 to Q13

Analysis of the Music Video - Where Are U Now?
- Starts with the non-diegetic music straight away
- Music builds up to chorus and instrumental music 
- Lots of fan interaction - fans get to draw over Justin B performing
- Lots of paint effects with Justin Bieber's face
- Editing is fast-paced to the music but slows when its the verses of the song
- Lighting is dim and dark, suggests he is lonely.
- Lots of close ups and mid shots of the singer 
- Use of time lapse on the fans drawing on his video
- Use of a delayed effect on the singer - at 1.56 you can see the singer moving and there are several of him. 
- Around 2.06 it goes back to a black screen and then shows the singer in a dim lit room singing the 2nd verse of the song. - Looking all serious and sad
- Close up of hands and tattoos on arms. - paint effect over him 
- A silhouette of the singer and there is orange-y to red smoke behind him - use of greenscreen
- Cuts to black for the ending 
- No sign of Skrillex or Diplo in the music video 

Social Media
- Justin Bieber has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and a YouTube Channel.
YouTube Channel

He does have Instagram but he keeps switching from being on public and disabled. 

- Lots of Fan Art
- Lots of videos with dancing to JB songs and fan videos

Justin Bieber over the years has had a lot of fans (from small children to adults) and has built a huge fan-base. Many of his fans make drawings of the singer and also make fan videos of tweens dancing to his music. Also there are videos of fans drawing and videos of parodies of his songs. 
This is a playlist I made of all the most viewed parodies on YouTube of Justin bieber's music

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