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Artist Case Study 2 - Part 1: Skrillex and Diplo Q1 to Q10

Skrillex is signed to OWSLA, Atlantic, Big Beat, Asylum, Mau5trap, which are a combination of indie record labels and major labels. While Diplo is signed to Mad Decent and Atlantic which are also a combination of both. 

Atlantic is a record company that has a reputation for having some of the best and famous African American singers. Like, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles, mostly singers that were into blues, jazz or soul. The company is now a subsidiary of Warner Music Group. [Wiki] 

Big beat is a record label owned by Warner Music Group and is the subsidiary of Atlantic Records. This label used to be an indie company and now is quite well known for the DJ David Guetta. Skrillex and Diplo are signed to it and so is their Duo 'JackU'. [Wiki

The genre that the company are known for is R&B, hip hop and dance. 

Asylum is parented by Warner Music Group and merged with Elektra Records. The music is distributed through Atlantic Records. [Wiki

Mau5trap is another company that Skrillex is signed to. This label is a Canadian record label by the Music producer deadmau5. Mau5trap partnered with Astralwerks, who are a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

OWSLA is a another record label and collective by Skrillex. It is distributed by Atlantic Records and Skrillex works with many different artist's to make music together and go on tours. [Wiki]

Skrillex and Diplo, mainly Skrillex is seen as a global artist and Diplo is more of in the US. They are both successful in the US and UK music scene and even 'JackU' have won 2 Grammy Awards. Their songs have been on the UK Dance charts and UK Singles chart with the song 'Where Are U Now'. They have also been on the Billboard Hot 100. And they have been in the US Top Electronic Albums from the Billboards. 

Their music is very much new and exciting, their music can't really be associated with a specific era, but the future of electronic music. They work in EDM (which is Electronic Dance Music), and Trap music for 'JackU' but for them individually, Skrillex works in the genres of EDM, Dubstep, Electro, House, Trap, Post-Hardcore and Hip Hop. Whereas Diplo works in the genres of Funk Carioca and Moonbahton

Their core target audience would be mature audiences between the ages 19 to 25 years old. While their secondary audience would be teenagers between the ages 14 to 18 years old.

In their music videos they have lots of footage of them together making music with a live performance and live audience. They have lots of colour and lots of dancing in their music videos. They have their 'JackU' symbol which they use in all their videos, but they don't have a common theme in the lyrics. 

- 2013- Jack U debut performance took place at Mad Decent Block Party in San Diego with 3 Jack U tracks. 
- After some guessing by many of who Jack Ü was, Diplo finally came out to reveal that "Jack Ü ... means Skrillex and Diplo together".
- The two have worked with each other on assorted projects over the past five years starting with Skrillex singing and playing guitar on a record for Major Lazer, one of Diplo's other projects. 
- 2011- Diplo also worked on a song with Skrillex titled "Amplifire" (though it was never completed or released) for Bangarang.
- 2014 -  Jack Ü was given an hour-long slot to play at the Ultra Music Festival
- They collaborated on a song that combines trap and dubstep elements and features vocals from Korean pop artists CL and G Dragon titled "Dirty Vibe" for Skrillex's album Recess.
- 2014 - Jack Ü headlined a concert at Madison Square Garden. Besides their (Diplo and Skrillex) performance, other performers included A$AP FergDiploSkrillexRudimentaland Yellow Claw. The concert was broadcast live on Yahoo.
- 2015 - The group released their debut album. 
- Jack Ü had over 9.6 million Shazams in 2015.
Source [Wiki
Directors of Music Videos 
The music video for 'Where Are U Now' was directed by the Duo as they held an art gallery with photos of Justin Bieber and asked their fans to come and draw and write on the photos. 
For their song 'Take U There' the music video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who has directed a lot of Britney Spears MV's and from more popular singers like Beyoncé and Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. The second director was Dillon Moore   who has directed very few MV's. And finally the last director was Daniel Streit aka Dan and has director two other MV's. 

- Most of the comments on Where Are U Now had some positive ones and some stupid ones.

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