Friday, 25 November 2016

DigiPak - Creating my own

I have been watching several videos on YouTube on how to do a cut out image effect which I'd like to do for my own DigiPak. This effect helps to create a more of a collage look and similar to the actual album cover with a variety of photos used and yellow around it. 

As you can see in this video I have done the first part of the tutorial which is using the tool 'Quick Tool' to cut away parts of the image so I have only the singer.

This is the template that I will be using. As you can see there are four panels to fill. 
In this short video I show how I edited the pictures and created the collage effect. 

In this video I again show my technique and how I am experimenting with the positions and the scale. 

This is a screenshot of what my DigiPak looks like so far. I obviously have a lot of work left to do but this is a rough idea of what I'd like my Digipak to look like. 

Polaroid Effect 
This is a second idea that I could do for my front panel and then have  different photo for the back panel. This effect is quite easy once you've tested it. I found this to be an interesting effect as it makes certain parts of the photo stand out the others. 
I had to first put in a photo as the background. Then I created a square using the Rectangle tool and  used the colour #7e7e7e to fill it. Then I duplicated the 'Square' and made another square which I filled white. I than transformed the white square to look like a Polaroid Photo. After I selected the Lasso Tool and drew around the grey square and then I clicked on 'Layer via Copy' when I went back to the
background. This made the selected image isolated and I put the image 'send to front' so that it came over the square. 

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