Friday, 25 November 2016

DigiPak EG1 - Rihanna

Possible Influences 
- CD Package with posters 
- Front panel has the boy facing front and then on the back panel of the boy facing back

This is the CD packaging for her 2016 album called 'Anti' Her cover has a photo of a boy with editing of red paint and a ballon. The photo is layered with the same photo. 
The digipak has the same photo on the middle panel with the photo of the boy from the back. There is a small label about explicit content on the front of the cover.

The back of the cover is minimalistic.   
The CD is white with the name of the album but very plain. There is a poster and a few
pictures featured in it as well. 
This video is of the deluxe edition of 'Anti' and shows a range of posters and other pieces that the fans get. 

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