Friday, 25 November 2016

DigiPak EG2 - Lady Gaga

Possible Influences 
- Photo of artist which stands out from the background 
- Pastel background 
- Lyric Booklet with photos from childhood 
This is the front cover of Lady Gaga's new album, as you can see it is very plain, it shows the singer on the front. The font is white which is slightly hard to read. The background is a baby blue which signifies that her album is about getting back to her roots and where her singing began. The photo of the singer is from the side and wears only a pink hat. The colours are very pastel.

The back panel has the list of songs and the barcode and record labels. The image does not continue onto the back.
In this video of the unboxing there is the inside panels which have two different black and white photos of gaga and there is a booklet with lyrics that have photos and writing. 

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