Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Research on Website Design - JackU

This is the website for JackU
Name/Logo - The duo name is at the top centre in yellow to attract audiences, the font is like the kind of writing done on 'Paint' with a brush look. There is a yellow theme throughout their website. The yellow signifies happiness, and is a uni-sex colour. 
Background Image - The background image is dark and has collaged photos of Skrillex and Diplo together. The images are all different and have a cut out effect, they also have a newspaper quality to them. The background is also the same for the album cover, so they are further advertising their album with the background image.  
Social Media - For the social media, the links are at the top left hand corner of the website. There is also a subscribe button and a 'mailing list' which from google means 'a list of the names and addresses of people to whom advertising matter, information, or other material may be mailed regularly'. 
White Space - There is no white space and the layout is very simple. There is no clutter on the website and there is quite a lot of space at the sides. 
Videos - There is a video from YouTube of their new song and plays when you click the button. The video doesn't link the users straight to YouTube, which makes it easier to access. 
This is a screenshot of the their newest track which has several links to different social medias and different remixes that users can click on. There is also beside the tracks links to Apple iTunes and Spotify and a link to download the music. 

This is at the bottom of their website, it's the record label for Diplo and JackU. 

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  1. can you add in a few posts on your social media updates, dated for when published - and a links list for these?


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