Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Sample Scene 4

From my Sample Scene 3, I got feedback from the teacher. This is the feedback which I took into consideration: 
- Time lapse - too shaky 
- Camera takes are too long 
- Cut them into shorter clips
- Smoke Bomb - transform the clip and maybe crop it. 
- Cut between dancing - doesn't have to be on the beat 
- Foot close up - white writing on ground looks bad. 
- Cut from 2:11 to 2:14 cut away and then comeback 
- Back up shots of singer 
- Camera movement in the background 
- Greenscreen - layering for background 
- Layer on the sides not in the centre 
- Clapping comes in for too long 
- Couple - should try and find an alternative couple and with different locations 
- Balance between narrative and performance. 

This is my Sample Scene 4 

- In this Sample Scene, I changed parts and added some experimental layering for the keyboard scenes. I will be filming more footage of the DJ in a control/sound room later in the week. 

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