Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Website Analysis - EG1 - AdamAntNet

Possible Influences 
- Bright colours 
- Advertising of the Tour 

Possible changes 
- The layout of the website is too old 
- Fonts used are strange to read 

- This website has 6 top links which say - 'HOME', 'FEATURES', 'NEWS', 'MERCHANDISE', 'FORUM' and 'BOOKING'. 
- There is also a banner underneath with an advertisement for Merchandise
- The 'features' link is something that does not tell the users/audiences what is on there and its too broad. 
- 'Booking' is sometimes put as 'contact' but they are two different things. The booking is for doing gigs but the contact is for getting into contact with the artist/band through social media. 
- Merchandise can also be known as 'Shop', 'Store' or 'Buy '. 
- Forum feature is starting to become something that artists/bands don't use as much. It is a way of trying to connect better with the person. 
- Forum for Lady Gaga has got its own website called Little monsters  which her fans can 
- The banner is not very attractive, looks quite awful. The banner is normally spreading the social media links and the latest album or single from the artist/band. 
- The album is being pushed onto the fans.
- The site for the US is different and the social media is pushed onto the fans. There is more top links and one that says 'Gallery' which is normally not needed. 
- There's a sense of branding as his name is spelt with the letter D the other way round.
- The colours used for the website is black, a dark yellow and red. The colours are good for the genre of the music this artist makes but it doesn't look interesting. 

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