Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Website Analysis - EG2 - Alt-J

Possible Influences 
- Making a Splash page for my website 
- Simple colours, minimalist  

- This website looks very minimalist 
- It has top links which are 'NEWS', 'LIVE', 'MUSIC', 'SHOP' and 'SIGN UP'. The 'LIVE' is used more often in this generation. 
- The background is of the album cover or part of the albums
- This website is mostly about monetising and the 'sign up' is mostly marketing
- There are social media links below and underneath they have an advert for their 'album'. 
- Has the album with all their songs and where you can buy it, or listen to it. 
- Quite easy to use with just a click on the song of your choice. 
- The colour for the background is a light grey/purple with a lower case title for the 'band'.
- For their store, they have a package with the album in a CD version and a Vinyl version. They also have a pop up which says 'FOR NEWS, OFFERS AND UPDATES! SUBSCRIBE NOW'. This shows that they are relying on fans for the money

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