Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Website Analysis - EG3 - The 1975

Possible Influences 
- YouTube video is open ready for fans to easily click and watch 
- Store is quite ordered and easy to use

- This is called a 'Splash Page' which is instead of going to the Home page it is directly going to the music and the advertising
- Has the latest music video by them and the song title in a pink font
- There are links underneath the list which has merchandise
- The pale font and colour is very hard to see. 
- There is the recognizable font by the band but there is no logo showing.
- The logo should be shown in the banner
- The layout for the Home page has many pictures of the band and the album covers. You can click on the links on the pictures and you can 'retweet' or 'share' them and 'like' the pictures. 
- The website is very pink and obviously shows that it targets a female audience. The band are a rock band so it is a bit odd to have pink everywhere. 
- There are top links which are different, they have 'TOURS' and 'LOVE' which is quirky. 
- The branding on the 'Soundcloud' is better as it has the logo in full so that the audience can see. 

- The next few photos are screenshots of some of the links from their links list.

- As you can see, there is a theme of pink even in their merchandise
- Lots of writing for the 'About' page and also hard to read as the colours aren't dark enough and the font is too small. 

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